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Problem Adults
Problem Adults -
We closed the doors in 2008, but this was, more or less, the PLACE TO BE on the web these days. A full community of fun-loving people and lots of craziness here. Powered by magic and pure imagination

Features also include a chatroom, and arcade with the latest games, a gallery, comprehensive links, social networking, tutorials and more... we're not just a message board, we're a family here!
Melissa Corea - Re/Max of the Poconos
Melissa Corea - Re/Max of the Poconos -
Using my Real Estate database script, new features include Pocono Record headlines, and IDX/MLS listings database integrated with their links, listings and school information.

It's no coincidence that both sites are identical ( least appearance-wise. The content makes them completely different),. This was toward the end of my tenure at the Pocono Record, and Peggy agreed to the same layout as Melissa, making my work that much easier.
The Dirt
The Dirt -
A weblog featuring three young and hip Pocono Record reporters.
Pocono Politics
Pocono Politics -
Covering the local political scene. News from AP, the Pocono Record, candidate bios, election results... and even a message board so even the lowest-budgeted candidate can campaign on a level-playing ground.

Candidate bios courtesy of the Monroe County League of Women Voters.
Art Weiler Rods
Art Weiler Rods -
Online showcase for custom-made bamboo fly-fishing rods.
The Big A Steakhouse
The Big A Steakhouse -
One of the many sites I've done along the Rt. 209 strip. Flash introduction. Their menu and photo gallery is database controlled (should they need to add items).
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Lasting Impressions Landscaping
Lasting Impressions Landscaping -
Talented team of landscapers here in the Poconos, Pennsylvania. Lots of photos of their work.
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State Representative Kelly Lewis
State Representative Kelly Lewis -
State Representative Kelly Lewis decided to give one of his constituents the job of maintaining his website. And that would be me. The site is SQL-based with a custom CMS system that can also send out email announcements/newsletters to thousands of his constituents. The hardest working man in Harrisburg!
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The Reasons for Christmas Project
The Reasons for Christmas Project -
Design team: Briana Syvarth, & Jon Jorgenson

Pocono Area Musical Superstars banded together to put a charity CD to help PATH (Pocono Area Transitional Housing), This includes Bob Dorough ("Schoolhouse Rock"), Dave Liebman, multi-Grammy Award winner Phil Woods, and an all-star lineup of performers. The project was dreamt up by State Representative Kelly Lewis.
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The Pennsylvania Music Awards
The Pennsylvania Music Awards -
Patterned after Johnny Kai's successful Hawaii Music Awards, it's a self-contained digital musical community to recognize the excellence and the very best of the Pennsylvania Music scene. It also serves to raise money for the Music Foundation of Pennsylvania, to help promote and continue music in our schools. You don't have to be a musician or even a resident of Pennsylvania.... you just have to love music and appreciate how it enriches our lives.

(This project is now dead due to lack of funding and interest)
Dignity Online
Dignity Online -
When you're 50+ and anything but retiring! Online version of one of our publications, Dignity Magazine. Uses the same macro program that the Pocono Record uses to extract all of the aricles FROM the Pagination folder and converts it to HTML
Hobby Magic
Hobby Magic -
A hobby store in the Poconos. Features included a database for all their products.
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