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Kit's Kaboodle
Kit's Kaboodle -
Actress Kitty Jones travels all over the tri-state area performing skits with historical lessons. She's performed on Broadway, did a brief stint on As The World Turns, and other very impressive perfomances in her careeer.
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Kistler Printing
Kistler Printing -
While signing up with us for hosting and maintenance, I gave them a brand new look as well. Look for all kinds of great promotional and print products FROM Kistler printing.
La Tortilla Loca: The Crazy Tortilla
La Tortilla Loca: The Crazy Tortilla -
The proposed website for the logo I designed.
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Jack Hammer X-treme
Jack Hammer X-treme -
Pretty cool t-shirt site, geared to the young, hip and x-treme. Streaming RealAudio, a flash and html shipping section. I can't tell you how much fun I had making this site.
Gold International Machinery
Gold International Machinery -
I worked with their webmaster on this. A really nice guy. We gave the site a facelift, and put in a shopping cart system that they can also use as inventory.
Reis Homes
Reis Homes -
Reis Homes is part of the Gresser/Meyer dynasty in Blakeslee, PA. Reis Homes is now in Arizona.
Meyer Modular Homes
Meyer Modular Homes -
To compliment Gresser Realty's site, there is Bob Meyer's partner site which offered modular homes.
Meyer Auctioneering
Meyer Auctioneering -
Bob Meyer's auction site in the Poconos
Saul Shmil Stamps
Saul Shmil Stamps -
Buy and trade other stamps and collectibles.
Your Home Store
Your Home Store -
Online store based on the real thing in Brooklyn. By all sorts of items on a secure shopping cart.
Ice Buckets.Com
Ice Buckets.Com -
Order Ice buckets for your hotel or banquet hall. There's a shopping cart and secure ordering.
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Gresser Realty
Gresser Realty -
My first major gig in the Poconos, which opened the door to many other jobs. They had contacted one of those "Let our students do your site for free" scams, gave them all sorts of money, and never heard from them again. We had to wrestle with Network Solutions (back then known as interNIC) to get full ownership of the domain name. I designed my DBMan-based Real Estate database for them, and ironically were the only ones who never got to use it.
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