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Gresser Realty
Gresser Realty -
My first major gig in the Poconos, which opened the door to many other jobs. They had contacted one of those "Let our students do your site for free" scams, gave them all sorts of money, and never heard from them again. We had to wrestle with Network Solutions (back then known as interNIC) to get full ownership of the domain name. I designed my DBMan-based Real Estate database for them, and ironically were the only ones who never got to use it.
PhotoArt Video Edititng
PhotoArt Video Edititng -
Need a video editor? Check it out...
Erika Graphix
Erika Graphix -
My daughter, Erika, was five when she demanded her own Web Page. Filled with her bitmap artwork, she gets excited everytime her counter goes up from visitors. Good to know my business will be in good hands When I'm gone...

Original Site on Geocities
The Adorable Brooks Kidz
The Adorable Brooks Kidz -
The cutest kids I've ever seen... and I'm not saying that just because I'm their dad.

Original Site on America Online

And on that note....
Erox  Graphix - For ALL your graphic arts needs
Erox Graphix - For ALL your graphic arts needs -
Yep. The humble beginnings of your think this is cheezy?

This site was redesigned over and over, correcting the same mistakes I criticize amateurs and "fly-by-night web design firms"...including a 2MB .wav file that I actually expected people to sit there and wait for it to load....(!)

Then in August 23, 1998 I got EroxGraphix.Com. I have since let the domain go, since so many people said "It sounds like a porno site." Ironically, the domain was picked up by CyberPorn.Org in 2001... so no links here, folks!

Funny thing is...this is labeled Site Design #2....
Sweets & Treats
Sweets & Treats -
Welcome to Animated GIF Hell!!! The very first site I've ever done. My wife's biz, Sweets & Treats. The site was never finished past the splash page...I just didn't have the know-how to do

the site the way it was supposed to be done....
Now, before you all start calling me a lousy husband, you can now find Carole at CBGifts.Com.
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