Links Page

Friends and useful websites I enjoy, and I think you will as well.

Fun Websites

Adobe Masters YouTube Channel
Landover Baptist Church
The Onion
Worst of the Web

Personal Websites

Bobbi Billard
Debra Smouse: Get Ready to Live In the Zone
Harlean Carpenter's Poetic Pinup
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents
The Official Naked Nurse
Yvone Craig

Businesses of Interest

Mojave Outliers
Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

Weblogs & Journals

28 Best Free Photoshop Plugins
A List Apart
A Secular Franciscan Life
Aspirations to sweetness
Blunted on Reality
Closed Captioned For The Thinking Impaired
Cripes Suzette
DotLizard Dot Com
Eagle Eye View
F*cking in Brooklyn
far too much thought went into this title
Harlean Carpenter
Here Kitty Kitty
Intellectual Poison
Jack's Corner
Madge- ur soaking in it ♥s Palmolive
Mandy Fish
Raving Lunacy
Saint Facetious
Solonor's Ink Well
Steph in the City
Stormy Weather
Stupid Evil Bastard
Talk with Desiree
The Dog's Breakfast
The Gateway Pundit
The Gourmet Chronicles
The Rude Pundit
The Ruminator
Valentine DeFrancis

News & Info

Associated Press
Psychic Medium Beth Layne
Trend Hunter Magazine
Veterans Against the Iraq War

Scripting & Coding Resources and Tutorials

Adam Khoury YouTube Channel
Added Bytes
Code Walkers
Dynamic Drive DHTML Library
HTML Cheat Sheet + Free PDF Download
HTML Goodies
HTML5 Periodical Table
Learn CSS
Learn Web Code YouTube Channel
PHP Freaks
Script Locker
Scripts Resource Directory
The CGI Resource Index
The Php Resource Index
W3 Schools
World Wide Web Consortium


1001 Fonts
Astigmatic One Eye
Blambot Comic Fonts
Dingbat Depot
Font Creator
Font Diner
Fonts for Flash
Garage Fonts
Match Fonts
The Dingbat Cave

Design, Tutorials, & Templates

Adobe Masters
AE Videos
After Effects Series Tutorials YouTube Page
Boxed Art
Free Images
Learn in 5 YouTube Channel
Olufemii Tutorials YouTube Channel
Photoshop 123
Photoshop Tutorials YouTube Channel
Template Monster

Social Media

Anonymous Official YouTube Channel
AP the Frog YouTube Channel
Bat in the Sun YouTube Channel
Batman Arkham Videos YouTube Channel
Black Pigeon Speaks YouTube Channel
Comics Explained YouTube Channel
Comicstorian YouTube Channel
Digital Assistant2.0 Twitter Page
Eric Brooks Instagram page
Eric Brooks YouTube Page
EricBrooks Twitter
EricBrooks.Com Facebook Page
Free Press of Kekistan YouTube Channel
Freedom Toons
Fright Supremacy
I Like Movies YouTube Channel
Mighty Raccoon YouTube Channel
NerdSync YouTube Channel
Randi Athenas Twitter page
Roaming Media YouTube Channel
Roaming Millenial YouTube Channel
Rucka Rucka Ali YouTube Channel
Sargon of Akkad YouTube Channel
Talk Nerdy with Me YouTube Channel
Tips 4 The Tube YouTube Channel
Undoomed YouTube Channel

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