The 5 Times Snopes Played Fast And Loose With the Truth [#politics]

What used to be the premium site for fact-checking has become a tool for Partisan Politics

My #2020Election Wishlist

Let's face it, people are either voting FOR Trump, or AGAINST Trump in November 2020

[#GunControl] The Gun-Grabbing, Government-Expanding Republican Blues

Listen America, you need to start getting mad about your rights being slowly stripped away.

Democrats Vote Unanimously to Remove One Hour From American Lives This Weekend

On Friday, House Democrats made a surprise vote to remove an hour from everyone's lives to offset the deficit.

Neckbeards Complain They Can’t Angry-Fap to Brie Larson #InternationalWomensDay

For International Women’s Day, and the Premiere of Marvel's Captain Marvel, we sat down and spoke with an expert on both… A Men’s Rights Activist named Marty Cohen.

Sunday Musings: Stupid People

Today I got to think about stupid people. Stupid old people, stupid young people, stupid stupid people.

The Centrist Creed

Some of the things I believe in. As a moderate, I can understand both sides of an argument. I have strong opinion on topics though, don't get me wrong.

20th Anniversary of my First Blog Post

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestRedditLinkedinemail Looking back on 2 decades of being an old school web guy and obnoxious jackass… ““Whuzzup” Created. “Free Stuff” created. “Avon Order” demo created. Website receives RSACi rating. URL added to AOL Netfind, Lycos, Yahoo!, HotBot, and Alta Vista. “Non-frames” version of Erox Graphix created for browsers that cannot view frames.(Originally published in […]

Americans Share Their Brave 9/11 Stories How They Watched Television All Day

Citizens all over America will recall their 'Where were you when September 11th Attacks Happened' moments on social media today… usually starting with someone telling them 'Hey, Quick, turn on the tv!!!'

You Either ‘Get It’… or You Don’t.

Life is a never ending river flow. Sometimes the course can become dangerously erratic; Sometimes it’s filled with obstacles like rocks and fallen trees; Sometimes it reaches an ‘end’ with a really large drop, where it continues again.

MySpace Blogger Websites – In Case of Emergency

As you can see, many MySpace bloggers have become disenchanted with the state of affairs here. It may be fixed. It may not. Many of your favorite bloggers have set up blogs elsewhere, and I recommend you to do the same.

Dropping an ANVIL on Andrew Mattock (while he’s still here)

Andrew Mattock, one of the creepiest and most hated people on MySpace. Does dying give anyone the right to be a verbally abusive jerk?

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