Battle of the Digital Divas

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The scenario: Two sites are out there, the difference in the domain names? One “s” at the end. One wants the other one to cease & desist.

Sounds familiar don’t it?

Well, this one’s different.

We all fought like hell to crush the one with the “s” the last time, because they were greedy. Now we’re fighting to save the one with the “s”, because it’s all about reputation and hard work.

Sick of the mystery and metaphors?

The Digital Divas, founded by Dana Whitmire, have been offering tutorials and services (for free) on the web since 1997. The Digital Divas have also founded and sponsored many causes, most notably, Grey Day, to acknowledge the rights of artists and their copyrighted work on the web.

In April 2000, Mi¢ro$oft launched their own “Digital Diva”, Stacy Elliott. She also offers tutorials and services for free. It’s an open & shut case of “Trademark Dilution”. A Cease & Desist was sent to Microsoft on April 25th, 2000.

Microsoft, to this day, has ignored it.

Just change her name, already!
I’m sure the bottom line is that Ms. Whitmire & the Digital Divas fear all their years of hard work and reputation will be swept away by the Microsoft Publicity Machine. Apparently, this is one of the “kinder, gentler Microsoft” tactics (You know, like how Uncle Bill is on the TV, every night, talking about how “They’ve changed so many lives…need to be free to invent…yadda yadda yadda” )… Well hey, it’s not too late! The site is still under construction, Stacy Elliott is out promoting the site, and Microsoft can easily change the name of this project…..

Here have been some reader’s suggestions that Mrs. Elliott can use:
  • Cybergrrl
  • Digital Woman
  • Cyber Diva
  • Techno Diva
  • Webmistress
    (OOPS! sorry, Jo!)
  • Computer Chick
  • Pixel Pixie
  • Mistress of Technology
  • La Femme Digitale
  • Technologica
  • Snow Bitch
    (What the hell is this one supposed to mean???)

The simplest, easiest way out. Here’s your chance to be heroes, Bill & Stacy!!!!! Otherwise Microsoft is going to look real bad with the Digital Diva’s “Diva & Goliath” campaign. The list of supporters grows stronger every day…. Your tv ad runs for 30 seconds, usually while we’re getting a beer or going to the bathroom. Our Web Pages are on 24/7. Think about it.


Why are you doing this, Eric? 

I struggled like hell with this for two weeks…I felt like it would be hypocrisy on my part to say in one breath “etoy” had every right to exist and then say “The Digital Diva” site didn’t. I publicly announced that I couldn’t support the Divas.

But it’s totally different. Etoy (who doesn’t even sell toys) was shut down by a greedy corporation in an unfair court battle, where they weren’t allowed to even defend themselves; interNIC pulled their plug (not required in the injunction) at the request of e-toys …. all in the name of the almighty buck in the holiday shopping season. Corporate greed was the bottom line.

This time it’s about hard work and reputation. The 70+ members of the Digital Divas have worked very hard in the past three years to improve the web, fight for the rights of artists, and help instruct new designers and newly-connected surfers make the most of the web.

Deciding factor…

Today, I was stuck with a bit of a technical problem. Dana Whitmire, knowing full well what a total prick I’ve been to the Divas, still helped me. So as far as I’m concerned, if this sort of kindness, helpfulness and courtesy is what her Digital Divas is all about, then I want them around forever…..

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