The 5 Times Snopes Played Fast And Loose With the Truth [#politics]

What used to be the premium site for fact-checking has become a tool for Partisan Politics

Blogs, media, and the gullible American public

It’s about change. Or more to the point, how technology is changing the rules on how the games are played. It a byproduct of the American media failing to inform us, as we have to turn to outside international sources to know "what’s REALLY going on".

Why I’m such a jerk.

Good writing and content, my @$$ Disasters and catastrophies are what the people want, by gum!!! So spare me the crap that none of you are here for my antics, flame wars and train wrecks, ok? The visits quadrupled because of heckling day. You want hits? You have to be obnoxious.

Central Park Revisited

I remember the story all too well. On April 19th, 1989, she was grabbed while jogging in Central Park, brutally raped, her head bashed in with a rock, and left for dead as she lost 3/4 of the blood in her body. It was one that outraged New Yorkers We prayed, we worried… but mostly we saw red…we wanted justice to the point where we wanted to see it served at all costs.

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