My #2020Election Wishlist

Let's face it, people are either voting FOR Trump, or AGAINST Trump in November 2020

[#GunControl] The Gun-Grabbing, Government-Expanding Republican Blues

Listen America, you need to start getting mad about your rights being slowly stripped away.

Sunday Musings: Stupid People

Today I got to think about stupid people. Stupid old people, stupid young people, stupid stupid people.

An Inconvenient Pack of Morons

The same people who insist that Global Warming is a "myth" are the same people who think "Theory" in science (Capital "T" as in "Theory of Evolution") means the same thing as "conspiracy theory"… so, you know, consider the source.

Fuque La France!

So here is my comment at the ole Emperor’s Palace regarding Woody Allen’s new commercials for France… why waste a good tidbit of comedy? And I thought the six people that visit me regularly should enjoy it too! Don’t get me wrong, I agree with their decision regarding Iraq…. But I’ve been making fun of the French long before it became fashionable.

Evil Bert is Dead

I want the memory of that protest in Bangladesh embedded in the world’s mind forever. The world needs to talk about it, and laugh at Ass-ama forever. Let the world know that The Taliban and Al-Qaeda’s contempt for our culture will be the means to their demise… you were humiliated by a muppet, Assama!

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