I like pie better than Cakes anyway…

We realize most dramas are very hard to follow, and the recent feud between WTF Radio and myself has been no different.

It basically breaks down to the same thing in every long drama that no one really cares about. You have a misunderstanding, a heated argument, escalation, and then tit for tat until someone finally yells “WHO CARES ALREADY!!!”.

So, to make this all simple for everyone, I have decided to break it down in cartoon form. Bear in mind, like all blogs, this is MY side of the story (a/k/a “The GOSPEL TRUTH”). Whatever they’re going to say is not true. Don’t even read them!

This was my proposed “fix” for the situation. Here would have been the part where I would suggest a contest where everyone writes a funny ending to this drama, and we’d all have a good laugh and realize how absolutely stupid this whole thing was, and WTF Radio would be bigger than ever.

Jim and I are good buddies again and I wish him good luck as he re-groups and takes his time to set his show back up.

WTF RadioUPDATED 5/13: I had no idea WTF Radio was going to be up and running this fast… please join Jim and whoever his co-host will be every Monday Night on BlogTalkRadio!!!!

I mean COME ON! Jim, Cookie, S*U*S*A*N*, Bad Lisa, myself, and so many others were using Jack in the Box defaults through this… YOU tell ME how seriously we were all taking this???

So let’s get to THE REAL ISSUE that you all want to talk about…

Why wont they let me in the Top Bloggers Club here so I can be a Top Blogger too?

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Web & Graphic Designer, Blogger, Musician, Evil Clown. I also code websites and promote people for a living. Still kind of a jerk, though. Approach with food.

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About Eric Brooks

Web & Graphic Designer, Blogger, Musician, Evil Clown. I also code websites and promote people for a living. Still kind of a jerk, though. Approach with food.
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  • Eric Brooks

    Oh Ace, this was a different “Cakes” than your “Cake and Win”. You ROCK, brother!

  • Eric Brooks


  • Eric Brooks

    MySpace is pretty squeamish when it comes to blood… I thought I handled the “splatter” scene rather tastefully. I’m guessing the blog ranked and someone came in from the top blogs section and reported it? There’s so many snitches out there. ๐Ÿ™

  • Eric Brooks

    YAY!!!! I love kudo pie!!!!

  • Eric Brooks

    Thank you! I wanted to add more people in there, kind of as an homage to top bloggers… but it was too busy and time consuming as it was.

  • Eric Brooks

    Oh but you can! What I use here is a “Gravatar” and if you comment on a lot of different website blogs your pic will show up.

    Get your Gravatar for free at….

  • Eric Brooks

    HAHA! This is the REAL Anonymous (only you would know that!) ๐Ÿ˜€

    Well he’s supposed to be a 3D render of my drawing here –>

    But I could never get that “flip” in his hair quite right… I really need to re-do him.

    I hope you’re on my friends list in some new incarnation… otherwise, I really miss you, dude!

  • Eric Brooks

    Aw… thanks Suzie!
    I think we’re going to make our OWN “Cool Kids Table” wanna join?

  • Eric Brooks

    Me too!!! (A guy can dream, can’t he?)
    Thanks Pam!!

  • Eric Brooks

    OMG!!!! It’s Kelly Jo on *MY* website!!!!!!

    Love you babe.

  • Gina

    Yep! I loves teh Evil Pie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mystery


    I am so happy it was not deleted because I outed your penchant for porn!!


    Heart you!!! xoxo

    Eric Brooks Reply:

    HAHAHA! I Mystery!

  • jethro

    well shit i forgot what i was going to say.

    Eric Brooks Reply:

    Me too! I hate when that happens.

  • Alicia



    I may be lost but that was entertaining none the less


    Aliciaรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs last blog post..King Interviews REO Speedwagon, Styx & 38 Special

    Eric Brooks Reply:

    Yeah that’s the big problem with MySpace drama… unless you know the players, it can be confusing.

    But really it’s the same old formula. Someone gets butthurt, says something, they fire back and it escalates until people become bored and move to the next drama…