Love is for suckers…

I don’t know when it happens. Or how it happens…

Whether you catch a glance in their eyes, and see straight into their soul; Something in their voice touches your heart… or their very presence makes your heart skip a beat;

Next thing you know, it hits you like a ton of bricks. You fall head over heels in love with them. Everything about them is magical. You can never get tired of talking to them, you want to know everything. You want to totally unravel the mystery of them…

It is such a crock of bullshit. It’s all a fucking illusion we create in our heads. They’re just as screwed up as we’ve been all along… but that useless organ we like to call “our hearts” made them into something more.

Next comes “Mr. (or Miss) Wonderful” into their lives. You then hear it in their voices. They have this “lilt” when they talk about them. You see them look at said “wonderful” person, the way they used to look at you. You then question yourself, and wonder what this person has that you don’t.

What do you do when the time comes when this person choses “Mr./Miss Wonderful” over you? Do you rant, and cry, and try to hold on to something that is no longer yours, in a death grip?

Or do you let common sense and rationalization override emotion and raw selfishness and let this person you “loved” so much go off to find happiness… hoping that cold logic can drown out the sound of your heart shattering?

My answer is simple. I don’t have time for bullshit games like “love”.

I have a war to finish…
And Goliath is out there waiting for me to come and play.

Eric Brooks

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25 thoughts on “Love is for suckers…

  1. Since I am Mr. Wonderful I’ve never had the problems you refer to ;o) Seriously, I know what you mean, I’ve lost all my girls and all my friends to more wonderful persons. I guess I did what you describe first "rant, and cry, and try to hold on to something that is no longer yours, in a death grip"
    Love is not a bullshit game. Take that back again, will you!? =o)

  2. …and whatever it is that make you write that post I hope everything will turn out alright for you.

  3. Who me? I’m fine, dude. Just a blanket statement on things in general. And hey, you’re a prince in my books Nick…
    If some girl was dumb enough to dump you… it was their loss, bruddah! :0)

  4. Thanks Eric, if what you say is true there’s 10–12 dumb girls around here ;o)) Guess you are one of the nicest persons I know of.

  5. Hmmm. So apparently we need to be sending you porn?
    Sorry sweets, I only have chocolate chip cookies.
    But you’re still an adorable pig, remember.

  6. love stinks. avoid it at all costs. it makes you feel all ooglie inside all the time & there are no happy endings. in fact there are only four possible endings:

    you will leave
    or be left
    or be dead
    or bereft

    oh, i meant to be comforting, sorry, i’m a bit of a mess these days.

  7. Sorry for what, kd? I have yet to see a "happily ever after"… and well, death is always inevitable…

  8. "Sorry sweets, I only have chocolate chip cookies."
    Cookies. Cookies are good.
    I’m drinking a big ol’ glass of milk as I type this too..

    "But you’re still an adorable pig, remember. "

    Batgrl called me "Adorable" again!!! ***B L U S H ***

  9. *snort* She also called you a pig!

    I am in love with love. With romance. With the idea of it, the taste and smell of it, the heartbreak and crushing of it. All of it and everything and such.

    Love it.

  10. All I can say is this:

    Life is fleeting.
    Joy is precious, and hard to catch.
    As much of it as I can have, I want, and I will take all of it that has been offered to me.

    So I love.
    Is it forever? Who can say? For now, I love her, and she loves me. Tomorrow?
    Tomorrow comes, and when it does, I’ll deal with it. I may be blessed, and still in love and loved. I may be cursed, and torn from the still quiet calm place I have found in her arms. I can’t see the future, never been much good with astrology or the tarot…and the end always, always comes.

    But I still love.
    I love, even though I know it can be fleeting. I love, even though it has kicked me in the teeth again and again and again. I love, despite futility. I love because of futility.

    I love, because it is what makes me know myself to be fully human, possessed of kindness and evil in full degree, a child of God and Satan, the great universe captured in a small frame of skin.

    I love because love is, and that’s enough.

    That’s all I have to say. Whatever’s going on with you, Loki…best wishes.

  11. having a hard time ? let go and have some fun ! life is way too short for hate ! you have learnt much…… but there is much to learn ! ahahahhahahahhaha

    *big smile*

  12. Don’t write it off… my guy & I are in our 23rd year of awesome love… still a roaring fire after all this time… keep looking!

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