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I just don’t get it….
I just finished another nightly surf through the web and stumbled across a few web designer’s sites.

………and they all refer to themselves in third person plural….

Yeah I admit it. I was guilty of that once. Don’t let your client know you’re the only guy in the office. Doesn’t look professional, right?


Technically, that’s the first lie to your client, I figure. There’s a little piece of trust lost right from the get go.

I’m shooting for honesty here. Technically, Erox Graphix can be referred to as “we” or “us”, because my wife Carole does handle the finances, gets me a lot of business through word of mouth, and keeps buying me those wee little vivarin pills that keep me going all night long working on websites. I also pull in a lot of freelancers to help me when I’m swamped. But still, you’re primarily dealing with sweet lil’ ol’ me for the majority of it.

  • Anyone out there have a problem with just one guy taking total care of your project?
  • Making sure it’s done fast and done right?
  • Working his butt off to make sure you have the best quality & service in Cybertown?
  • Well, with the exception of one smart alec way in the back (probably competition), I think we are all ok about it….

Anyway back to this guy’s site…
He even went as far as talking about his “curteous staff” taking care of his clients…

When was his courteous staff going to let him know that “their” website has at least two or three spelling errors on almost every page I read??!!???

Yes, even his clients had a few spell-o’s.

Now we’re not talking about some fool on Geocities….we’re talking about a “.com” website here…(Of course I’m not going to humiliate this designer by giving out his webaddress…)

Another favorite tactic is a reference page which they say “here are just a few of the websites we have designed…”

That’s all of the sites they’ve done. Trust me.


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