Seriously… Cho was a pu*sy.

Yeah, I mean really. How tough can you be to pull a gun on a bunch of unarmed students? And I see a bunch of fucked-up kids on MySpace thinking he’s some sort of role model? His EMO-spewing whinings in his manifesto were cool?

Your ass ain’t getting beaten enough at home, I see.

You know who else were pussies?
Cho’s heroes, Eric Harris and Dylan Kliebold.

Awwwwww you got bullied in school…. boo fucking hoo, you little pansies.
You have failed one of life’s most important social lessons…

How to deal with Dicks.

Face it, you will have to deal with Dicks all through your life. In school, at work (most supervisors are Dicks), odds are you’ll end up in a nursing home where your nurse will be a Dick that thinks putting spoonfuls of blue jello up your ass when no one is looking is REALLY FUNNY!

If you haven’t figured it out yet… I’M A DICK! We like to fuck pussies like you over. It’s the natural order of things in the universe. Going on a murder spree because you can’t handle being teased? Well, congratulations… you’ve now graduated to ASSHOLE.

Guess what? We like to fuck assholes over too. Besides the horrible loss of life this week, the other tragedy was that Pussy Cho was not being taken alive so he can be someone’s little bitch for the rest of his life in a federal penitentiary.

Newsflash: We ALL get bullied at some point or another. The key is learning how to turn it around on your opponent with your wits. Much of what people ridicule others for is projection of their own insecurities. Martial Arts is all about using your opponents energy against them. The military uses Psy Ops to fuck with their enemies heads before kicking the shit out of them.

Maybe your parents are pussies that told you some lame shit like “fighting isn’t the answer” or something. Well your parents smoked pot all through these years, your dad has a crappy low-paying job and your mom sometimes has to blow the landlord when they’re short on rent… so what do they know? (btw, sorry you had to hear that last part from me).

I bet if more people punched a bullys lights out, there will be less pussies coming to school with AK-47s… I almost guarantee it.

It’s the Dick way.

You know who else are pussies this week? The white guys in suits who fired Gary in the Morning for making “I’m a Nappy Headed Ho” the “phrase that pays”. WTF? That shit was HILARIOUS! Now you couldn’t PAY ME to listen to WSBG. Morons.

More Pussies this week:
Those kids making “Cho” profiles on MySpace and commenting on a VT Victims page.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Do us all a favor and put a bullet in your empty skulls and go join your “hero”, ok?

Who the hell CARES what Al Sharpton thinks? Most New Yorkers tuned his fat ass out years ago. He doesn’t represent Black people any more than David Duke represents YOUR pasty White asses (oops sorry, I mean “European-American”).

Who should have been fired years ago for being old and unfunny. He should be in a nursing home with some Dick putting spoonfuls of jello up his butt (then he’d be funny again!).

Who decided this rant was inappropriate for television and cancelled my appearance tonight, so I have to waste this rant on MySpace! (Note I’m using small words here and typing slowwwwwlyyyy)

Where morons like Michelle Malkin and other idiots are making Virginia Tech into some 2nd Amendment issue. Oh YEAH! Give more guns out and turn the place into the OK Corral. Yeah I can see the logic behind THAT one. *eyeroll*

(You think maybe if the NRA took this time to denounce irresponsible assholes like Cho, MAYBE we’d take gun nuts seriously?).

Mentally ill pussy kills innocent people…. that’s all there is to the story. Quit shoving your agendas in our faces and exploiting this tragedy.

The party of pussies! You know they’re working on even more confusing Gun Control laws as we speak. Haven’t you learned from the Patriot Act that any kneejerk law based on fear is BAD? Stop punishing responsible gun owners! Did we take cars and alcohol away from you guys after Chappaquiddick?

Fuck you. Just fuck you pussies. (Ooops, I mean “Vagino-Americans”)

Eric Brooks

Web & Graphic Designer, Blogger, Musician, Evil Clown. I also code websites and promote people for a living. Still kind of a jerk, though. Approach with food.

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About Eric Brooks

Web & Graphic Designer, Blogger, Musician, Evil Clown. I also code websites and promote people for a living. Still kind of a jerk, though. Approach with food.
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