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Zeldman On Bill Gates: "I don’t think he’s the Anti-Christ….not enough charisma. "

I try too damn hard. That’s my problem.

All I wanted to do was throw down a quick page to show my appreciation to one of the greatest web designers of our time…

I simply wanted to tell the tale of how some moron on AOL figured out how to work his WYSIWYG editor, and thought after creating his first web page, he was the web’s new Wonderboy….Jeffrey Zeldman Presents …how he found www.zeldman.comand it changed his entire approach to web and graphic design.

…How this gentle giant on the web unknowingly took him under his wing by answering all his stoopid questions and armed him with the knowledge necessary to to expand his home-based freelancing biz, and rescue his impoverished family from a run-down apartment in Queens to a beautiful home in the Poconos

JZ featured in Adobe Gallery I should probably thank ol’ "JZ". I should build a web-based monument worthy of him and his accomplishments in Design, Web Standards and and his willingness to help a new generation of designers build the future.


Batman & Robin a godawful movie but what an amazing website. Instead, I end up writing this cheezy rip-off page

It makes me look like an obsessed lunatic, as clueless now as I was 2½ years ago when I first found his site…

But with a better understanding of Cascading Style Sheets… :0)

Maybe I’ll thank him by aspiring to be just like him when I grow up.

Oh lookie! I just got an e-mail from a kid who loves my work on, and wants some tips on improving his page…

Jeffrey Zeldman Fan Club...Yes, he even has a fan club.I’ll forward it over to Zeldman.

Don’t these people know I’m busy?



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