The vast center wing conspiracy

One thing I really pride myself on, in the fact that I’ve gotten smacked down by both sides of the political spectrum.

Bleeding Heart Liberals make me puke.
Brownshirt Neo Conservatives make me laugh.

To me, they’re both the same. They’re unrealistically extreme. Detatched from any form of reality that I know of. They want to hang a label on you if you disagree with them. They hang on their party’s core beliefs even when it’s clear as day that they’re wrong in a particular issue.

They try to silence you rather than address the issue you brought up.

I’ve heard arguments that the President is not to blame for the current economic conditions, yet we all can look on the Carter years with disgust for the same reasons.

Can’t we all just agree that some people just sucked as Presidents?

I liked Reagan *AND* I liked Clinton. I believe a large portion of their success was the fact that they had a legistlative branch which was dominated by a different party to answer to.

Balance, people.
Do you see the point I’m driving at?

Liberals believe in abortion, Conservatives believe in capital punishment.
Come on… either life is sacred or it isn’t.

Me? I don’t think human beings are worth the 38¢ of chemicals it *takes* to make human beings. And I think human history (particularly anywhere organized religion is involved) proves that point over and over.

If I support Israel being a separate state, why can’t I believe the Palestinians should have a homeland of their own too? Am I naive to think that there are good people on both sides that would love nothing more than to be peaceful neighbors… but there are extremists on *BOTH* sides that are too stubborn to let it happen?

If I call Hamas a pack of assholes… I’m a racist.
If I offer even the slightest criticism of the IDF’s tactics, then I’m anti-semitic.
Can’t win there, can I?

Last memorial day I was REALLY going to stir the shit and post a memorial to the U.S.S. Liberty (Wild stuff. Look it up).

The server went down that whole weekend. I took it as an omen that the trouble it would cause would not be worth it.

The fact is… it’s not always black and white.
You *can* be a good American and not be happy with the way things are going.
You *can* support our troops and be against a war.
You *can* mourn the loss of September 11th, *and* question why we haven’t strung Osama bin Laden up by his balls yet (or dare I ask why he’s no longer a priority?)
You *can* be a patriot and wonder why we haven’t had an “Orange Alert” since we got the ok to invade Iraq.

As much as I’d love to join in on the “bitchslap the warbloggers” trend as their paranoia and lack of education becomes more evident with every Fox news broadcast…

Well like I said, Liberals make me puke.
I’ve had harsher treatment from them over the years than I ever got from warbloggers… on a wide variety of topics.

…. so I’ll just sit here. Dead center in my politics….

…Laughing at all of them, as they flush any kind of credibility they have down the toilet for years to come.

There’s more people like me than they realize. And our numbers are growing.
Balance, people. Balance.

Eric Brooks

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About Eric Brooks

(/•ิ.•ิ)/✦ Musician ✦ Programmer ✦ Graphic Designer ✦ Evil Clown ✦ \(•ิ.•ิ\) - A thorn in the Internet's side since 1997 with no intention of stopping any time soon.
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13 Responses to The vast center wing conspiracy

  1. Nico says:

    Good one.
    Whatever you say about whatever political issue you can be damn sure someone will go bananas over it.

  2. -e- says:

    And when they can’t form a valid argument they resort to name calling and threats.
    You can set your watch to it. :0)

  3. Lee says:

    I sit in the middle of it all, and laugh and laugh and laugh… Good post, E.

  4. The Boston Dyke says:

    Amen! granted, I’m kinda out there with MY politics, but still…I want to smack ’em all and tell them to use a few neurons before they post…

    but sometimes that can be asking a little much…LOL…

    nice post e…:)

  5. Nico says:

    Totally off topic: You have a pretty cool signature.

  6. Misty says:

    I believe in abortion (human and chicken) AND capital punishment. Because nothing is sacred. 🙂

    But yes, I’m becoming weary of the extremists all over the place. But this rise of the centrists is worrisome as well since none of the centrists agree with each other, either.

  7. -=e=- says:

    I believe in abortion (human and chicken) AND capital punishment. Because nothing is sacred. 🙂

    Well… well… you’re from that “he needed a good killin’…” state! Of course you’re for both. :0)

    I don’t think *any* two people (including centrists) will agree 100% on any particular topic. We all have our ideas on what degree we find something to be acceptable (I say why stop at muderers? serial rapists, drug lords, and people who put those stinky perfume tear-offs in magazines should get the chair too. Some may disagree. But that’s cool.).

    I link to think of me as an “independant” rather than a “centrist” though. Even centrist sounds a bit too restrictive for my comfort zone.

  8. Dr. D. says:

    Pretty good post here dude.

    BTW, I liked Bill too….he was just a regular guy! 😉

  9. Kathy says:

    You are so right on with this, -e-. Excellent post.

  10. Angstman says:

    great post…too bad the extremists don’t understand the concept of balance.

  11. Phelps says:

    Being in the center has advantages, but there usually is a right and a wrong. In your Israel/Palestine example, the Palestinians do have a homeland — it is called Jordan. It was established at the same time as Israel. They weren’t happy with it and wanted Israel too. Too bad.

  12. Dawn says:

    Centrists rule!

    -e-, you rock.

  13. Kate S. says:

    The ball sits in the middle of a bowl of water, bobbing up and down. When the earth quakes and the bowl shakes, he watches as the water slops over both sides, hurling itself against the floor, as he continues to bob up and down.

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