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As part of the “Winter Edition” redesign…

Which was interrupted by a Christmas Party, a house inspection, removing a tree that fell on my house (you think I’m making this shit up?), and 2/3rd of the way through reading “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” (started this morning and couldn’t put it down. Hey… stop looking so surprised I can read, ok?) and then a print job for a slave driver (she stopped paying me in sex since my last post. hope you’re all happy. I was informed that as long as her site reads “coming soon”, so will I….

I’m thinking of adding that totally retarded meme “100 things about me”.

Here’s what I got so far:
100 – I am the dark avenging angel of death and destruction
99 – Galactus, the devourer of Worlds, is my second cousin.
98 – I like candle light dinners, long walks on the beach, and snuggling up with a special someone watching “Faces of Death I & II”
97 – I don’t condone terrorism, but I sure as hell understand it.
96 – I like the taste of blood. But eating leeches is nasty & makes me feel like a cannibal.
95 – My teddy bear can beat your teddy bear up.
94 – I believe that being evil doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person.
93 – I’ve licked asbestos on a dare, crashed a van INTO a tree, and pop enough vivarins to make your heart explode.
92 – Why? Because I’m INDESTRUCTABLE. haven’t died yet, and I have no reason to believe I CAN die.
91 – Corduroy is the greatest book ever written.
90 – Nobody gives a shit about “100 hundred things” about anybody. I can’t believe you made it this far.

And THAT’S where I get stuck. Personally, I think that’s all there is to me.

Can you people help me out with a few suggestions? Questions? A dirty limmerick???

11 thoughts on “100 things

  1. Wait, you crashed into the tree? I thought the tree sprang forward and viciously attacked?
    How bout

    “89 – for some reason dead flounders come flying at me out of nowhere. must be part of some curse”

    Psst – Jason and the Argonauts is on TNT!

  2. 87- I have a really impressive dongle! ;o)

    Batty, Oooh!! I missed Jason and the Argonauts?? Damn!! Oh wait! It’s was TNT? It will be on again at least 100 more times before Monday! :o)

  3. #85. I’ll choose the colonoscopy .. errr, what was the question?

    #84. I’m a 16 year old with a hair loss problem.

    🙂 Yours are way better 🙂

  4. #83 Is your post about me??? I don’t see anybody else here, so that post MUST be about me.

    Excellent guys!!!!
    See? I didn’t even know I had a third nipple!
    Keep ’em coming.

  5. “I was informed that as long as her site reads “coming soon”, so will I”

    You’re too funny =o)

    And I think you should do the whole 100 meme all by yourself, you’re doing great so far ;o)

  6. Oh, I always read those 100 things lists. Sometimes, around the last 30 or so items, when desparation sets in, you actually find out something interesting, even human, about the person writing.

    But then, I’m nobody. I keep forgetting that. I wish I could convince the IRS.

  7. “i have a 3rd nipple.. but i’m not telling where it is.”

    I detect people that have been watching The Man with The Golden Gun, Roger Moore, Christopher Lee! Lee rocks, as always.

    82 – When nervous you nibble your toenails.

    Yes, I just know these things.

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