2002: The good, the bad, the trolls

First of all, “The pierced one” (Kat) would like to spread the word that “My Single Mom Life” has moved. Make a note.

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Anyway, I was inspired by after a quick emergency trip to work, and saw Dave Barry’s The Year In Review…

So aside FROM my end-of-the-year post, I was thinking about a collaborative effort, and make a .PDF document out of it? What do you think?

    So far I’m covering: (And collaborations are MORE than welcome)

  • The Year of Hormonal Bitch and Raising Hell.
  • Unholy Alliances.
  • Hoopty: Rise and Fall of the president of the interneck.
  • BlogCon 2002.
  • Davezilla -vs- MegaConglomerate
  • America, You will be rounded up and shot
  • Boobies, Blog-a-thons, and other great causes
  • Inside L.A. County Jail
  • Wil Wheaton (insert gagging sounds here)
  • Z-List: a moment of silence for an awesome concept
  • Zeldman Orange™ no more
  • Chris Powers: The Spy who stalked me
  • Blogger Snowball Fight

Collaborations are not only welcome…. but sorely needed! I’ll be scouring blogs for end of the Year posts, for more things I’m sure I missed (I’m not omnipotent anymore folks.). Just email me at my top-secret email or use my Yahoo address in the buttons on the top right.

* Oh… and any harrassing emails telling me NOT to write something (or else), will result in that entry BOLDED AND DOUBLE SIZED.

I already have a surprise sponsor, whose site is launching in early January…. more sponsors are welcome (details to follow).

Whaddya think?
anybody wanna be nice and help? I have taken the liberty of HIJACKING the Flame Emporium and started a new discussion thread about it.
(You need to sign up and join. We don’t just let *anyone* in ya know.)

***Edited to Add: ****
Michele is also compiling a list for Required Reading of 2002, and the Ten Most Intriguing Bloggers of 2002. I will of course ask her permission to add this in the project. And take it, regardless of her answer.

Everyone needs to get off my case for my picks… I was only allowed 10, okay? I love you all…. now back off!

8 thoughts on “2002: The good, the bad, the trolls

  1. OMG, and here I was wondering what to do for my end of the year bash (pun intended)! I’ll join the Kare’s not talking about you, really, dealie. 😉

    Wheels turning…..watch out.

  2. Well, gee…
    Kare was here (via Linkmeister @ 7:33PM), this is going to be interesting.

    Did she think I was compiling the biggest moments of 2002 and not add the “Battle of the last-word freaks”?

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