2Tag: Murdered by poachers

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18 thoughts on “2Tag: Murdered by poachers

  1. So how did you guys get the illegal hunters to stay at the scene of the crime until the cops came? Did you stick them up with your own weapons? Boy, if that had happened here and people tried to keep the poachers there, a big shootout would probably have ensued…

  2. The asshalf(s) who shot them probably are some small dicked wimps who use the rass guns as phallic symbols…..being inadequately equipped to fire their tiny weiners themselves!

    I know how you feel dude.

  3. Thanks everyone.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect in the comments. It wasn’t an “anti-hunting” or “pro-PETA” post (lord KNOWS that would make me a hypocrite as I intend to stuff my fat face full of Turkey and Ham on Thurs. I like to think I live in the real world.)

    It was merely someone grieving over the senseless death of a friend.

    Redeagle and I had this conversation before, and she knew 2-Tag meant the world to me and he was more than “just some bear”. My family and I were looking at his pictures all night and saw a creature with a soul, intelligence, and all he wanted was food and to be left alone.

    To answer Mad Bull: No, these were just “recreational dudes” that knew they were in a shitload of trouble. I know the types you’re talking about. Professionals who only value their own lives.

    We’re running a petition to get more security in our community. There’s one guard on patrol (who can’t stop crying when this is brought up)… and they can’t possibly cover all of the miles and myriad of ways these hunters can tresspass.

    Mostly we’re concerned with the safety of the residents (particularly the children out playing). And I think 2-Tag definitely didn’t die in vain.

    Thank you all for your compassion in our time of pain. Every one here got what I was trying to say…

    It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

  4. I’m sorry to read this, Eric. its scary to think about how many people in this world think nothing of shooting off a gun in a residential area…no regard for the very terrible and very possible consequences. I hope they get more than just a slap on the wrist.

  5. no way do I think it could be read as ‘anti’ anything…
    and after talking with you, he’s probably the only bear I’d ever have wanted to meet
    I’ll miss the posts about him…and sincerely hope with you it was not in vain

  6. very sorry to read this happened…i hope that justice is done here, though i somehow doubt it truly will…while i have no problem with those who hunt for food, i despise those who hunt for sport…there is no sport in involved in shooting an animal with a high powered rifle…too many of these “sportsmen” seem to lack any sense, common or otherwise….so obvious FROM these geniuses using rifle ina housing community…so thankful no children or for that matter adult residents were shot by accident, by these morons…maybe they will sentanced to a sporting hunt, where they get to hunt a grizzly bear with a knife…that would be fair, just and rather sporting i think.

  7. Believe me, I thought about it Nicolas…
    Deep in the woods, gunfire going off day & night right now… who’s gonna know?

    It’s like I shared with Angstman once, I get a real kick out of the “Drunken Redneck shoots his buddy’s nuts off” hunting stories that are all over the papers this time of year.

    Thanks Kimberly, you and you family have a great one too!

    Unconfirmed rumors have it that the hunter got his vehicles and firearms taken away. Additional charges will come in the autopsy. 2Tag was also under 3 years old… big fines for that.

  8. The only reasonable punishment is a short jail sentence, a stiff fine, and a lengthy community service stint, working at a zoo or other animal-care-related facility.

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid and cruel people can be ~ maybe someone should forget to inform the assholes they are in the “sport” and give them the same treatment they showed towards those adorable bears!!!

  10. I would personally like to be kept informed on the outcome of said poachers. This is really becoming a problem up here, too, and I am gathering, uh, research, … for an op/ed piece, a la Asskickingkana.

  11. Oh -e-, so sorry to read about 2Tag. I remember your posts about him. Cute little thing. While I was reading this present post, I thought of the macho guys polishing their guns and waiting to kill a little bear. Here in lovely NJ, there have been reports of black bears being beheaded and their carcasses left on the road. Real Cute. That’s what they do to Gorillas in Rwanda. In 50 years there will be no more gorillas in that region..
    I also have noted that I haven’t seen any raccoons in my yard, and no longer “Ole Man Possum”….I shutter to think what happend to them….

  12. Thanks.
    Hopefully, in your case, those guys all went INTO hibernation at this point. However, I understand there’s a BIG controversy right now over the bear hunting season in New Jersey this year.

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