432, Plutarch’s Parable and why I still think the Apostle Paul sucks

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11 thoughts on “432, Plutarch’s Parable and why I still think the Apostle Paul sucks

  1. Hey, How are you? Just wanted to say “Hi” before I went off to bed…I come back and read ya latest blog later…*Too sleepy right now to read it*…I think that sex demon stuff got to me…I now sleep with the lights on or the television (on a religous station) on…I honest to god try not to let it get to me but I read on some site regardin demonical stuff and it freaked the s**t out of me…I even found this one site that made me turn around INSTANTLY…the “Nemorochon” (sp?) aka The Book Of The Dead and it had all these warnings that was like don’t mess with unless you had prior experince with dealing with the supernatrual and can handle the consquences…had all these spells and what not. Was some scary ass shit…spooked the shit out of me…Found some other stuff regarding the state am from and found out some of the famous horror stories (i.e. Amityville, The Haunting, etc) had to do with my home state as two famous demonologists (Ed & Lorraine Warren) are from where am from…that calmed me down cause I was like…KEWL! No, but was an interesting read…Anyways…my bed calls me…take care! I read ya blog later…much too tired now to read anything…


  2. Esssh….looks like you did some deep religious research. I will tell you what I personally believe…Firt I wanna clarify something Jesus never did marry his mother “Mary” (that would seriously be disturbing as well as incest which I think God did not want…what kind of example would Jesus & Mary set for the rest of us who are believers if they were to marry? That incest is good? No I think not my friend). I believe Mary was married to Joesephy… true she was probaly viewed as a whore for being pregenant with Jesus…seein as she is a virgin and all. Tis kinda hard to get a virgin preggie unless you knocked her up physically but being in a world where God is the creator and sometimes he does mysterious things for a good reason. I tell you this and I maybe going off topic here…but Jesus was our savior…it wzn’t for him…we would not be here today…he died for our sins. And am not goin to go off and preach to you, am just speaking from experince as I was born and raise in church. And no am no perfect Christian but am tellin you what i know. I will admitt there are other sides to the Holy Bible and the spiritiual world as well as other sides of the biblical world of which I have no clue about as you have mention some stuff in your entry that does make me wonder and at the same time some seem not true. But I could be wrong but like I said, this being the net and all, alot of stuff on here could be inaccurate. Or simply not true. Man have a way of making things up and make it look as if God made it that way when in truth is totally false. So becareful with what you believe in or read on here as it could be inaccurate or worst false. Misleading. The best place to learn the real truth about God and how things actually work is from the Holy Bible itself and go from there with your research. Don’t rely on religious sites on here as some could be totally false and inaccurate…don’t be too quick to believe everything you read on here. Not just religious stuff but anything serious for that matter. Take care! ~Pandy~

  3. Interesting…

    I’ve been conducting my own investigations into the story of Judas and am hitting the same walls and realizations…especially where the stories are concerned…each writer in the New Testament have very different ideas on what was important in telling the story of Jesus, AND each writer tells the story totally different…

    What gets me is that people who spout on about “believing the bible is the literal word of God” obviously haven’t read a word of it…


  4. It took me most of the morning, but I finally got through both those links you provided. I really enjoyed Plutarch’s Parable. Thank you for offering a voice of sanity to this superstitious mass-hysteria hypnotic trance Mass CULT we are surrounded by of late.
    This is my kind of Sunday School… 🙂

  5. Oh — I meant the last two links you provided. Hey, is just my browser, or is the left side of text sheared off for everybody? Missing about three letters per sentence; seems to get worse farther down towards the bottom of the post.

  6. is the same for me too Kate S…it maybe the resolution we are using… I use 800×600 and most sites don’t view so well…but I could be wrong

  7. Oh, that sucks! I just switched to IE at 800×600 and see what you mean. It’s probably a bad CSS call.

    As far as religion and the Bible goes, I think every society and religion has this little germ of truth in it. The only way for humanity to move up to the next step is for us all to come together with our collective knowledge.

    Conspicuously absent is the mystical side of Christianity. No wonder the Gnostic sects were exterminated/oppressed. If you wanted to control people through an empire (ie Roman Catholic Church or a wide number of Protestant organizations.)… you CERTAINLY don’t want to give the public any type of power that Jesus or the Apostles had.

    It also makes sense that a group as historically persecuted as the Hebrews were would have stories that were impossible, yet hidden meanings in them.

  8. It has something to do with the blockquotes tage in Internet explorer. With each one, the text gets progressively worse… I’ll fix this and thanks to everyone bringing this to my attention.

  9. Hey, Eric! Ya blog looks alot better!!! I love the quotes…nice touch…the colors…

    Anyways, am goin to go and work on my story…did you get it? I emailed you the link where i have it posted.

    Anyways, see ya!


  10. Thanks for the links. Can’t wait to get to them tonight. I’ve been reading “Secrets of the Code” which is making my wishlist much, much longer at Amazon. 🙂 Lots of interesting stuff. I’ve still yet to see enough proof for me that Jesus was married but there was definitely more about Mary Magdalene than the Bible tells.

  11. Ralph and I watched something similar to all this on the History channel last month. It was really interesting.

    They interviewer kept harassing one of the experts to make a decision regarding Mary Magdeline’s role in Jesus’ life and he just kept saying “I neither reject nor accept any hypothesis because we simply do not have enough information to make a decision at this time.” It was very inspiring to hear an expert say he just didn’t know either way.

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