4th of July, The Grand Skeem, and Terror in Manhattan

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Lotsa great 4th of July photos on Batgrl and Jon’s site. We were at Fernwood, kicking back on the grass, listening to Lucky 7, a cover band playing 70’s funk & R&B (If I were to get back into music… that’s the stuff I’d love to do! And these guys fucking rocked!!!!) and catching their firework show.

No pictures though.

However, today (yesterday) we hit the Rockaway Mall in N.J. so the kids can catch The Grand Skeem making an appearance, and Ashley can build her birthday present.

Then we hit N.Y.C., and in true comic-book crossover fashion, The Adorable BrooksKidz met Boris. (pics at Faith’s site)

In exchange for my son eating Faith out of house and home, she spitefully photoshopped most of my hair off to make me look bald… DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!! :0P

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