911 was an inside job… SANTA DID IT!


It’s FINALLY here!

LOOSE SCREWS is a parody of Zeitgeist and other crappy conspiracy films. Except for the part about Santa being real, I made everything else up.

  • 9/11 was a publicity stunt by Santa to boost Christmas sales in 2001
  • Santa sunk the Titanic posing as Capt. Smith to get famous
  • He’s an Egyptian god named Sentniclausnatut
  • The Bush Administration just jumped in on the 911 bandwagon because it grabbed so much attention
  • Santa Claus is an agent of the Zionists and the NWO, we’re on our way to global slavery and Dylan Avery is just slightly off the mark, and Alex Jones is right!
  • A secret Government site (www.noradsanta.org) PROVES his existence

Like all conspiracies, I start with a conclusion, and work my way backwards and twist and bend the evidence to support my conclusion. And of course, no conspiracy is complete without blaming the Jews for secretly controlling the world.

I’ve already gotten some heat and accused of anti-semitism because of the movie by idiots. Apparently the REAL 9/11 “Truthers”, their links to Holocaust Denial, White Supremacist groups and their accusations of “a Zionist Plot” everywhere is a-ok with them… however, cartoon Jews giving you the finger is NOT COOL and EVIL. *eyeroll* Besides, according to Encyclopedia Dramatica – The Jews really DID do the WTC.

If you hate these lame ‘9/11 Twoofers’ as much as I do, send them my way, and if you see ‘9/11 was an inside job’ posted somewhere, complete the sentence with ‘…AND SANTA DID IT!’

Please people, I need your LUVZ!!!!
Lotsa comments and booyahs, and I will love you forever… even if you hate me (but, why would you want to do that?).

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