A bright side to the economy…

This topic is closed… I’ve decided it’s not worth talking about anymore.

We’ll resume the “light & fluffy” topics and the no-brainers like “how much of a bigot is trent lott”, or “how much of a poon hound was clinton”, or “how bad can bush butcher the english language” at a later date.

Real issues have no place here on this site. I thought after I was in the clear, and was able to stop talking in riddles, people would understand the whole CPS situation in this country.

Instead, I find myself looking at rape victims, driven to tears, insisting that they “didn’t ask for it” to a skeptical crowd with raised eyebrows… and me sympathizing with their frustration.

Maybe I’m still not talking clearly. I don’t know. Screw it.

But I can’t waste any more time on a subject no one is interested in.

For those who missed it, I gave the Democrats a swift kick in the balls, and talked about stuff. I *WAS* going to discuss the May 20th Primary here in the Poconos, and the (even higher) importance of local government in our lives… but that has no place here.

Yeah. Ok. Light & fluffy coming up.

7 thoughts on “A bright side to the economy…

  1. I don’t have an excuse. My sis currently has a foster child that was taken away FROM a schizophrenic father and they can’t find the 5 yr. olds mother. She has had him for about 3 months now and they still have not paid her for all the clothes that he needed ( they sent him with nothing) medicines, food, school supplies etc. It’s a fucked up sysem Eric. I don’t have to tell you that. They don’t stay in touch with er at all. She calls and leaves messages that he needs to take him to the doctors and no one calls her back for a week with a temp. medical card for him so she’s charging everything to her credit cards. She has papers that say she can take him to the docs but no medical card so the state will pay. How fucked up is this shit? She has thousands of dollars of receits already.

  2. How fucked up is this shit? She has thousands of dollars of receits already

    It’s VERY fucked up, Kat. (Wanna take bets which supervisor got new office furniture, though?) The fact that your sister is STILL taking care of this child, with no signs of compensation in sight tells a lot of her character.

    I know not ALL of them are in it for the money. The one who had my son and eldest daughter was another one. She and her husband never submitted the receipts either, they had it, and they did it out of love, she just adopted two of the kids she had… and you know what’s fucked up? The agency told her “stop getting so attached to the kids”. Can you believe *that* one?

    You’re right Maria. Children are a *gift*. Not a commodity like cattle.

  3. No excuse here either. I worked in/for the system while living on the other side of the big pond and it was just as fucked up there as it is here. And some people still wonder why I’m not using the education/training I spent more than 3 and a half years of my life getting. I don’t want to be a part of something where I cannot go to bed a night knowing that I did the best I could for the child and it’s family because there’s no room for individual solutions in the system. Maybe some day I’ll find a way to work the system the way children and their families deserves, but now ain’t the time.

  4. Eric, the little boy is adorable and his “family” doesn’t want him because of the father. He is such a joy to be around, so loving and sweet and all that cute stuff. She just can’t give him back and say fuck you to the state as much as she would like to because he could end up lost in the system which happens here in FLA more times than anyone can count. Kids die in foster care in this state and get lost, kidnapped etc. The caseworker for this little boy has changed 5 times in just 3 months so when she calls, she never really knows who to ask for. She’s really stuck just leaving messages for “who ever may care”. The only thing that they did do, was make sure he had afterschool care so that she could stay at work until 5 like she is supposed to.
    Wanna hear some more fucked up shit?…lol As you may know, I get food stamps because well, I have not enough money to feed my growing boys. Well anyway, when I get child support, they take away some f.s. I got a $20 child support CHECK once and they took away $80 in f.s. I can just imagine how much they are going to take away because of my last CHECK for $73 yet when I go for my 3 month visits, I see some moms with 5-6 kids and cell phones and acrylic nails and nice cars and lots of gold bobbles and they walk out with MORE. Fucked up shit I tell ya. Fucked up shit. Maybe I should have another baby…
    just kidding. 😀

  5. Lee: Yes I remember. And it’s heartbreaking. There were two similar cases here where kids (teenagers) really needed help this past year… guess what? They didn’t care. I’m serious. The people that called (one was actually the teen herself) hung up the phone and said “what the fuck are they here for? Do I need to be some adoptable toddler???”.

    Sara: I can imagine your frustration. The problem stems FROM the fact that they are willing to funnel HUGE amounts of cash to these agencies and (supposedly all) the foster parents… half of the families that these kids are pulled out of are dirt poor. Why not have incentive programs to help them? (I had to pay fucking child support to the state for the three weeks the kids were gone. I still can’t get over that one.) If these agencies were paid based on real cases, rather than how many they can conjure up in a month, there would be less burnout, a smaller caseload, and time would be spent much more wisely. Instead, the stupid government set it up like a big cash grab.

    Kat: Oh yeah the child support/food stamp bullshit… you don’t have to tell me about that. It’s retarded! Wow, your recerts sound like the ones we went through a few years back in NYC (we went for assistance after I found myself out of work). Yep. the cell phones, fur coats, gold chains…

    … you think maybe they’re the same people? :0)

    I don’t miss those days one bit… it was a degrading sandtrap that was almost impossible to get out of…

    The System™ sucks ass. There needs to be a step somewhere in the middle. This is why Americans find themselves in holes that they never get out of.

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