A Community United

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7 thoughts on “A Community United

  1. So, even the local politicians know about your little underground literary endeavors, huh? *wink*
    How cool is that? I bet your self-worth stock perked right up after that wink. I know I would be strutting like a peacock if that happened to me…
    I am SO proud of you. I know how much work is involved with these charitable efforts, HAVING pulled many off myself over the years. Though you minimalize your contributions, just your staunch support is worthy of much praise, Eric.
    Just curious, but any count so far on the totals raised? I’m curious because whenever I would ask a person for a dollar donation to feed the homeless, they’d pat their pockets and shrug, like they were empty, but when I would offer them two tickets to an all day blues fest with all proceeds going to feed the homeless, they’d shell out $30 bucks in a heartbeat. The club would donate itself to the cause, as would all the musicians, print shop for the flyers and tickets, free promos in the media…”Musicians Who Care” made out like bandits, handing over 100% of everything to feed the homeless–our biggest event had 20 local bands and generated over $3,000 to the cause. It was a sweet feeling. Your accounts of your community’s work is making me miss all those headaches and logistical nightmares of getting 20 bands to interrupt their busy performing and recording schedules (not to mention leaving their egos outside in the equipment vans) to come have a day of fun… 🙂
    On second thought: Nah.
    Carry on.

  2. Ohhhh the pre Christmas hell is obviously not just thrown upon myself *big grin* and since there are no comment sections in your other most recent post ~ I’ll just say this ~ LISTEN TO our man ~e~ he is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas darlin’!!! To you and your family!!!

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