A few brief notes.

Vote for Tammie! fun-loving Tammie would like all of us to take a minute and vote for her on Funjunkie. She has two entries, but the very last one on the bottom stands a better chance of winning. (not work safe). Come on, it only takes a few seconds to vote!

Ann Coulter – Historical revisionism at it’s best – Reverend Mykeru reviews “Treason”… who comes to the same conclusion that Solonor did about everyone’s favorite rabid, sociopathic she-male. Apparently, great minds DO think alike.

Don’t let the terrorists win, Robyn!
I’ve pretty much sworn that I will never help another human being on the web again. But I must say that the terrorists are really beginning to piss me off.

While I guess there’s this silly belief that those that scream the loudest are right…

I can simply sit here, and quietly whisper:
“What part of ‘LIES’ are you right-wing extremist fruitcakes HAVING a hard time understanding?”
…and do the same amount of damage.

So there.
*[insert trademark irritating smirk here]*

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