A little friendly tip

When using axe body spray when you get out of a shower, it’s usually a good idea NOT to have a cigarette in your mouth while spraying.

Also, check the batteries on your smoke detectors since screaming doesn’t seem to alert the family to call an ambulance for you.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “A little friendly tip

  1. YIKES!!
    well, since you’re alive to post about it, I’m going to assume you’re ok, but damn don’t scare me like that again!!
    (why are you smoking when you get out of the shower anyway….or should I even ask that question?)

  2. Of course I’m ok… why wouldn’t I be? 😀

    ~T~, I was in a rush, so I multitasked (of course, 3 wet cigs later, I realized smoking in the shower isn’t a good idea)

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