A lovely day at work…

Yeah you heard me. I’m here at work.
… and the Cranky-Meter is currently set to “11”

(Usually on “9” or higher, something cute and cuddly runs the risk of being seriously maimed.)

Since 3 long walks, and smoking half a pack of cigarettes isn’t working…
And I’m pretty sure a human sacrifice to appease Astaroth may be considered a social faux-pas in my cubicle (conference room is probably better)…

I think I’ll try going offline for a while.
Nobody needs to deal with this shit in cybertown…

Thank you all for allowing me a moment to vent, and amuse myself with whimsical homicidal scenarios….

(Oh, and I wouldn’t say the name of this post’s category out loud if I were you.)

8 thoughts on “A lovely day at work…

  1. Yeah… well, it’s screwed up a lot of plans, which included a trip to NYC over the weekend…

    They’ll probably just go without me. There was enough tension *before* this.

    I could say more… LOTS MORE.
    Well, Maybe setting a dumpster on fire will cheer me up. BRB.

  2. It’s no biggie, Sara.
    My brains are fried, and I was looking for a week straight of sleep (particularly since I did an all-nighter Sunday to make sure work was light this week.)

    No boss here, and there really isn’t anything to do…
    It’s “KINDA” like vacation… with no kids to boot. :0)

  3. WOW… between that and all the people rushing outside trying to figure out why there’s black smoke coming out of our dumpster… I’M FEELING BETTER ALREADY!!!! *GLEE*

  4. {{{E}}}} If you don’t get to go to NY, then at least have something catered in!! I am a firm believer in self indulgence!! (Pehaps that’s why my butt is so big??) *lol*

  5. Oh there *will* be thanksgiving here…
    We were planning on spending the weekend in Queens though… I’ll have to work Saturday, so I’m out.

    And hey, I just took a six hour nap… and I feel better already.

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