A non-retractive-retraction

Before any more emails come in… let me just clarify a few things that got missed in my middle-of-the-night babbling.

1 – I’m not giving up blogging.
Like I said “this was *SUPPOSED* to be my ‘good-bye’ post.”. Just as I told Nico a few weeks back, that my post about opinions was originally meant to be my last one, but I ended up omitting some of the stuff I wrote below.

2 – There are those who believe (sneering suspiciously at two unnamed people in particular.) That I am *incapable* of staying out of blogland (or, for that matter, TROUBLE) for any given period of time anyway… so why embarrass myself with a goodbye, when I’ll be back in a month or two anyway?

They’re probably right too. I taste the blood of fresh prey and I just spring INTO the feast. I smell fear, and I get a woody. And GAWD blogland is just a virtual smorgasbord of hypocrites and jerks to feed on. :0)

3- Since day one, I have been trying to tell a story here. I can’t seem to tell it very well, it’s frustrating the hell out of me, and nobody’s listening anyway… so time to move on. A new year is starting and there’s a LOT I want to put behind me.

4- My Epiphany. The whole point of that drawn-out post (besides my hatred of wimps who don’t stand behind what they say…).

My story… it was a journey that was meant to be taken alone. There was nothing anyone could have said or done to have made it any better. We’ve all been down that road, and we emerge a little stronger and a little smarter for it (unless it kills us, of course. Then it don’t do nothing.)

It will never be uttered in public again.

During the growing pains I was angry at people I shouldn’t have been. A sure sign of how much I value a friendship (even these fake online ones) is if I sought you out to make amends after a misunderstanding.

5- Hope that clarifies it. Thank you all for some of the wonderful emails & concerns.

One last favor?

Apparently I’m burnt out and need a break. Since a vacation is *OBVIOUSLY* out of the question… maybe…

…some of YOU can just stop blogging?

Pretty please? :0)

17 thoughts on “A non-retractive-retraction

  1. Maybe blog like someone else instead
    Naw tried that too (several times actually)….
    I must have a unique style of spewing venom.
    “Sure Chuck, I can ‘Name that Blogger’ in two posts!!!” :0)

  2. Maybe you can come up with a 12 step program for people trying to kick blogging. There, that and the dongles I gave you – I definitely get a cookie and a pat on the head for suggesting blog topics!

    There are more people out there – but so what? We have our own neighborhood in here – our own neighborhood watch. Because you can only read so many blogs. And each little neighborhood has its only silly little idea of who ‘s A List or whether A list exists (I know I know, it doesn’t). And some of us were out here, not exactly blogging but doing lil updates and silly things on the web. It’s not that it’s all bigger – it’s just that you didn’t know some of us were already here.

    But sure it’s a fad. For some people it will go away. But maybe for those of us who continue to stick it out it will be – well, it already is a new form of communication. For me it’s been helpful. Very bad for time wasting though, so get to work on that 12 step thing. I need to try and spend less time online. Well, at least a LITTLE less… Maybe…

  3. LMAO!!!
    …some of YOU can just stop blogging?

    Heh! That about sums up my feelings. I cannot quit *addicted* so maybe they oughtta!

  4. You wrote a “goodbye” post?
    Where? I must’ve missed that.
    Blog goodbye posts are so ridiculous. People who truly quit blogging usually never post them. And people who post them generally never quit.
    Sometimes I wonder if it’s an embarrassingly stupid publicity stunt for some people.

    As for a blogging addiction… I don’t really understand that. I understand addiction well enough. I smoke & drink tea. But blogging? That must be a social blog phenomenon.

  5. Well my “goodbye post” is the one before this. I figure say my goodbyes now, so when I eventually yank the site, nobody can go “hey, what happened to whathizname????”

    Ingenius, no?

    But nooooo I’m not allowed to quit!
    (Have I mentioned how much I despise blogs?)
    Blogs are bad & cause nothing but trouble!

  6. Glad to see you aren’t going anywhere. I doubt I’ll stop blogging, but on the bright side…….well, there just is no bright side. I was going to say I rarely post more than a paragraph, but that would be a bold-faced lie.

  7. Ah ha!! You would just LOVE it if I stopped blogging, wouldn’t you?? The you wouldn’t have ANYTHING at all to cure your insomnia!! You could go crazy, and BLAME IT ALL ON ME!!! NO WAY BUDDY!! I’ve been putting people to sleep on the net with my posts for almost 3 years now…. Nothing can stop me now!! SOON, you will ALL SLEEP!!! ;o)

    Love You E! :o)

  8. “Uhm, question, Batgrl… is Wil Wheaton in our neighborhood?”

    You choose your neighborhood. It’s on your link list.

    And I’ve decided that this whole “I’m Leaving” concept is actually a fiendish plan to get *someone else* to leave – that’s been your plot all along, hasn’t it? Hasn’t it?????!!! Trying to throw us off the track with tricky logic huh?

    Now the only question is who…..

  9. The you wouldn’t have ANYTHING at all to cure your insomnia!!
    You’re so crazy girl… you are NOT boring. And you don’t cure insomnia. If you did, I’d never make it though half the all-nighters I’ve pulled off… so NYAH!

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