A serious note about prostate cancer

Well, no. Not really. Maybe, depending on your maturity level.

Personally, I like to consider myself “really mature for a seventh grader”.

Dr. D. links to a story which recommends “preventative care”, and it’s his professional opinion that men “clean their rifles every day to keep prostate cancer at bay.”.


Alternate titles to this post were “A tug a day helps keep the oncologist away” and “Palm Sunday post“.

Should there be some guys whose, uhm, performances tend to be “soliloquys” rather than “duets”, Mad Bull always has some great eye candy on his site.

Oh, and CHECK out the GREAT new redesigns on Around the Bend and Blog Anon.

Not that I’m sure what this has to do with the topic, or even why I posted a pop-up picture of Beyonce… but, well… I just don’t.

EricBrooks.Com® – Because we really DO buy Destiny’s Child CD’s just to read the articles.

(The conversation on this post is going to be REALLY interesting. I just know it.)

5 thoughts on “A serious note about prostate cancer

  1. Yeah, thanks for the link too. I like the Beyonce pic. You know, I was discussing her with a couple of friends (a guy and a girl) recently and the girl asked if I preferred her how she looks now (slim) or how she used to look (with a bit of weight). Both of us guys answered immediately “Both ways!”. We think she looks hot both ways. Whats your take on the issue?

  2. “Whats your take on the issue? ”
    As long as has those legs… either way. Definitely. The first time I saw the “Crazy in love” video… my wife had to throw something at me to get my attention.

    I heard a bucket of cold water was next if that didn’t work. :0)

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