A.D. means “After Death”?

(For the record, I have no idea what I believe in/don’t believe in any more. While I find the Bible impossible to acknowledge as “the inerrant word of God”, at the same time… something deep inside of me feels there’s something larger than all of us out there somewhere. And maybe, just maybe, there were bits of Higher Truth dictated to people at their level of understanding at the time. I can’t EXPLAIN it. So what I don’t understand, I mock & ridicule)

But I digress…
Not since the above-mentioned title of this post have I laughed so hard at a verbal misfire FROM the fundies….

Until tonight when I saw this post.
“The Bible says: ‘to thine own self be true.’…”

Do you ever wonder how many people in the Bible belt are expecting to spend all eternity hearing God speak in King James-era English? Perhaps a millenium-long soliloquy or two while holding Urich’s skull?

This guy does it one better. He also lists other lines mis-attributed to the Bible. Mostly lyrics FROM Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard and Digital Underground (And really, what white person *DIDN’T* like “The Humpty Dance”?)

Imagine if you will, Jesus HAVING his now-legendary Sermon on the Mount and deciding to shake things up a bit. Flipping his baseball cap backwards, Kid Rock style. Peter accompanying him as the human beat box:

“Ok, now stop what your doin’, ‘cuz I’m about to ruin…
The image and the style that you’re used to…”


In my opinion, the Gospel would have had a MUCH happier ending, because the Romans (much like their guido descendants) LOVE hip-hop.

3 thoughts on “A.D. means “After Death”?

  1. hehe…I just got the visual of the old priest FROM when I was still a Catholic reciting “The Gospel According to Dre” in my head….wierd visual that is!

  2. The Poor Man is a great site. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The comments were both educational and entertaining (especially the Proverbs 6:16-19 reference, which I may have to snag.) Who knew people could be so inventive, creating a new hybrid language taken FROM Hip-Hop shizzle and The Word? Good (H)umpty Book fun.

  3. OH my god that’s too funny… Now I have that damn song stuck in my head.
    Better go listen to some john denver & james taylor, which erases any stuck songs. haha. (The cure is almost as bad as the disease)

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