Ahhhh… Fan Mail!

See kiddies? This is why so many Elementary School kids write I wanna be Eric Brooks when he grows up!“. Check out what sweet little Jesse signed here and here in my Guestbooks….

This is called “Trolling for hits”, and your CyberPal don’t play dat. It’s not my fault that his site’s counter is teetering toward “148” since July. Normally, when a kind soul signs my guestbooks, and forgets to add the “http:” I help them out and fix it, so you can all visit them and enjoy their sites…

But like I said… “E” don’t play dat… even if you have the balls to sign your name.

Weekend Surfing Picks…

  • KareBlogKare (aka “GoDdEsSoFShEnAnIgAnS“) has had it with Geocities, and moved to her new home at kare.bappy.com/ redesigned the pages, and it’s running great! Check out her piece on “Mr. Wonderful”, it’s hilarious!
  • TECFA- From the University of Geneva…. this colorful page has an amazing amount of resources for anyone looking to design web pages. I would love to know who made this, as they seem to know so many of the same people I do. Great stuff!
  • Sony Disc Manufacturing – It’s design resources for manufacturing & printing CD’s & DVD’s they have all the clip art you need in Adobe Illustrator files and even CD Design Templates for Adobe PageMaker. Specs, tips & more… If you make/design CD’s it’s worth a visit.
  • Dave’s Place – A very witty blog… and I’m hoping a quick plug’ll get him to tell me what the Magic 8 Ball told his friend Becky to do.
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