All the world hates an all-knowing smartalec WebGod.

Inspired by Matt, Maria, Deborah, and Matt (again)
(The posts are not really connected to each other… but just a common theme of human nature, and the inner workings of mankind.)

“Every man has his secret sorrows, which the world knows not; and oftentimes we call a man cold when he is only sad. “

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”

.. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

I could ramble on and on… but Longfellow says it all.
Remember: Life is a metaphor, much like a simile.

5 thoughts on “All the world hates an all-knowing smartalec WebGod.

  1. Sometimes I wonder how one person can have such understanding, while others get next to none. Thank God Longfellow shared his with the world! Those words are so true. {{{{E}}}}

  2. I dunno about this Longfellow chap, but I’m inclined to believe the world NEEDS all-knowing smartalec webgods. Things would be very dull without them.

  3. I like those Longfellow quotes. I can’t see what it is about you that you think other folks dislike so much though. We all have our good and less good sides, few persons are any worse than others.
    Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins. Some things you will glean by the time you get them off his feet and other understandings will find you before the mile is walked. But if he does not catch you after walking a mile, you may need to check him into a hospital as your moccasin acquiring technique may have been too rough. If his health is fine, you will then understand that he didn’t like those moccasins anyway and have to wait till he buys some loafers, boots, or Reeboks. You have to mosey in his loafers, hike in his boots, and jog in his gym shoes. Still, will he give you the shirt off his back? What if it doesn’t fit you? Never mind fitting the shoes-damn, I forgot that. Maybe you should slap him twice before he can turn the other cheek. I mean in the face, pervert. Maybe you could draw blood and perform a DNA analysis then feed the results into a super computer that creates a Virtual Reality model of the man and run him through all the online tests known to man. But then you realize they tell you what X he is rather than what he is. And even worse, he fails the Turing test. Do you judge him by the games he plays or doesn’t play? Does he even know all of what he could play? You could ask him, but now he calls you a “blood-thirsty shoe thief!” and threatens stick his size 13 up your ass. Man, what a psycho!

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