• Redesigned the site – Now everything is a nice uniform look, which was everyone’s major complaint. I also made an “About Me Page”; of course you can still read my “bitter version” anytime you want.
  • Battle of the Digital Divas – Microsoft launched their own “Digital Diva” last month. Fine and good, but what about the original “Digital Divas”, who brought us “Grey Day”??? They’re furious and want it “Ceased & Desisted”…read all about it here!
  • The rumors of my suicide isn’t 100% true. A lot of concerned friends (on and offline) have commented recently that I have sounded “Bitter” and “Mad at the World” lately. Well, I can’t talk about it right now, but yes, it’s been one fucking scary nightmare after another for The Tribe Called Brooks in the last few months… but I can honestly say there was a time where we all gave up hope and felt the only way out was in a body bag. I’m just now snapping out of a two-week state of depression.
  • But hey, like all storms…they eventually subside, the sun shines, and a beautiful fucking rainbow streaks across the sky. Everyone out there who also feels like things are “out of whack”…HANG IN THERE! I see the light at the end of the tunnel for all of us…things can only get better. I’ll probably cover it all in my annual “Interview with Myself”
  • Somewhere out in Ohio…Lenore Calderon turns 26. Happy Birthday cuz!
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