America… FUCK YEAH! (or Diebold with a Vengeance)

Oh yeah… much joy in Pennsyltucky today. 😀

Say Goodbye to Senator Rick (“I’m a closet case that thinks gay marriage will lead to bestiality and NAMBLA”) Santorum (R)…. one of President Bush’s strongest allies….


Congressman Don (“I strangled my mistress”) Sherwood (R) also finds himself out of a nice cushy seat….

Ya know… I can get past the mistress, but abusing her for years? Party of “Family Values” my ass. I don’t know who was running against him, but that dude got my vote.

YOU’RE FIRED (Choke on that!)!!!

State Reps Mario Scavello (R) and John Siptroth (D)
were both re-elected.
(So your CyberPal STILL has friends in high places. YAY ME!)

My condolences to Mario Scavello and family for their loss. His mom passed away Monday. 🙁

Governor Rendell (D) was re-elected in a practical landslide. I like him. He’s Jewish.

And it seemed to me that putting $20 Million aside and giving it to Gulf War vets seemed like a good idea, and that Proposal won a resounding YES.
(U-S-A! U-S-A!)

And all this was done DESPITE us using Diebold (GASP!) Machines for the first time. 😮

Diebold with a vengeance.

(For those just tuning in… I am a registered independent voter. I am not a “Liberal” or “Democrat” and at some point in 2002 the Republican party abandoned me and a few others. I’m all for a balanced government… something we haven’t seen in years: Checks & Balances.)

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