Anarchtica II: Return of the Enemy

hey, you…

Can you keep a secret?
Rumor has it that someone will be back with a vengeance February 17th.

You didn’t hear this FROM me.

9 thoughts on “Anarchtica II: Return of the Enemy

  1. Hah! You were here in a previous draft… I have since moved the date to a month from today. Feb 13th seemed a little, uhm… spiteful.

  2. Well, this busting my ass for 230-250 hits a day sucks moose dong… I got 10 times that just offering free stuff and keeping my mouth shut. It’s all about the hits, bay-bee!

  3. I’ve been wondering what the hell that guy has been doing for the last year or so, good to see he has spent the time in a useful way =o)

  4. I can’t believe forgot the friggin MAGIC 8 BALL in my main navigation!!!! It’s like, my signature!!!!

    Am an idiot or what?

    Well, I caertainly can’t let the ever-so-awesome Maria down. And I even got Daily Carlinisms operational for the I-have-to-impress-Dawn-or-die crowd. :0)

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