And I’ll say it one last time…

For those whining “Ohhhhh, not ‘blog-nicely’ agaiiiiin”…. I am not from your world. Neither are most of the people who visit my site. My section of cyberspace has barely heard of Jeffrey Zeldman… they know nothing of Digital Divas, Jason Kottke and Derek Powazek (whom I never heard of until January). So you’ll have to excuse me if I rehash a “dead horse” every now and then; or sound a bit redundant…. as you all kid yourselves into thinking you and your pantheon of “Web Gods” have this global reach….

I’m not saying that with any disrespect or resentment intended (well, maybe a little).

But most of “my people” are new to the web, or share interests different from yours. They come with their own stories, various levels of talent and have their own heroes.

I welcome you all into my world, but what they say goes here. For they are MY “Web Gods”.

Now guys… I really got a lot of work to do today, can I please resume my thoughts on a weekly basis????

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