Another day, another…

Night without sleep.

I did another all-nighter….
(Memo2Me: The alarm clock is *NOT* a sign to go to bed!)

Besides catching up with work I didn’t get to finish over the weekend I was busy making Poser props.

1) A window that opens and closes, and a latch that locks & unlocks.
2) Door that opens and closes.

Drop me a line if you want me to email them to you.

Why do I do this to myself?????

*pops more vivarins and gets ready for work…*

9 thoughts on “Another day, another…

  1. You might want to start out with Anim8or, kind of a cheap knock off of 3d studio max, real simple… and FREE. I make “.3ds” files that I import into Poser… ‘cuz I know you’re the creative type, Eagle. Sure I can surf Renderosity and find what I need…. but then I wouldn’t feel super-queasy, and my eyeballs wouldn’t be burning out of my head right now…

    … so where would the fun in that? ;0)

    Hey. Somebody’s gotta torture me.

  2. E, this is a dumb question but…… I suck with hardware…. How can I tell what kind of graphics card I have? (Besides inviting you over here to check it out!) *lol* ;o)

  3. oh goody…new toys to play with!
    yea I can relate to the pulling an all nighter for no other reason than to get something looking exactly the way you want it to…
    but you have GOT to stop doing this to yourself on a regular basis!! its much easier to get things to turn out perfect if you’re well rested

    *wondering when she’ll start practicing what she’s preaching*

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