Are we happy campers yet?

There. I think the site is not only cross-browser compatible now, but liquid in resolution as well (Except for 600×400… come on dudes, it’s the 21st Century!).

I plead “laziness”, to be honest with you. Faith has been on my case about this for a while now (and she’s right, and she knows I know better)… but I never had the time. I just slapped this together, using one of Deb’s templates, and that was that.

In a professional gig, yes, I’ll spend the next week or so running cross-browser compatibility & resolution checks, make acceptable sacrifices to the overall design… but a personal weblog? Hell, I’ll never take that seriously.

No, I would never tell someone to change their browser. I’ve always believed it’s the designer’s job to make the site work for the viewer, not the other way around.

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