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  • Project #1 – Pennsylvania Music Awards – Much like his wildly successful Hawaiian Music Awards, Johnny Kai is bringing the magic here to the mainland. I mention this now, as I know a lot of musicians in Pennsylvania… and I want to get the buzz going now. The Awards will be launched May 2004. I’ll keep you posted on registration, voting, and all that fun stuff when the site goes INTO development in a month or two.
  • Project #2 – Super Secret Project – Probably coming out in the Fall. I have contacted a few people privately about it. There’s a lot of excitement. But that’s all I’m allowed to say. It’ll be open to everybody, but there’s only a small SELECT GROUP of people that I trust at this moment.

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  • Will the REAL Moxie please stand up – Oy-friggin’-vey. Apparently the age old blog war of “Hey, that’s my name… you stole it!” has reared it’s ugly head (yet again). -vs- Moxiepop.I won’t waste my time linking to either of them, as this qualifies as the “Dumbest CatFight of the Year (so far)“… instead I direct you to Kevin Parrot’s hilarious photoshop coverage of the “Rock ’em Sock ’em Moxie Boxing” match.
    (Try and say THAT three times fast!)
  • New girls in town (at least to me) – I’m not sure if they are aware of the Warblogger degree that extreme right-wingers are forbidden to link to sites like mine (or at least deny being my friend), but I found them in my referrers anyway: Right We Are! – A conservative, pro-US, Republican blog by two chicks on the right side. I may not be able to stomach yet another “Bush can do no wrong” site…… but well, I refuse to talk politics on my site anymore anyway.
    … and Republican girls *are* sexy!
    Welcome to CyberTown, ladies.
  • 9 thoughts on “Around The Web

    1. Do you think they’re sexy, like the Ainsley of West Wing’s counsel “don’t-hate-me-cuz-I’m-beautiful-AND-Republican” sexy? That would be totally cool.

    2. OMG ~e~ you don’t watch the West Wing???? I love that show!!!! Anyways moving alone with my Republician legs *wink*………..this is the second time I’ve read tonight about the issue over “that is my blog name” uugghhh……..all I have to say my blog name revolves around my initials IN MY REAL LIFE NAME………….let someone take me on…..I dare them *big smile*……….

    3. I get emails all the time FROM Eric Brooks’ who think it’s an “amazing coincidence”…


      Don’t these people ever open the White pages??? It’s not like my name is “Eric Wojowjolopski” or something.

      Or maybe I should sue Wesley Snipes, Marvel Comics and New Line Cinema?

      Hey, let’s see how Spike Lee does. Yeesh.

    4. Sorry to be pissy, but I’m a science evangelist and jokes based on a profound denial of a near unanimous consensus in the scientific community chaff my cranium. I do realize that it’s easy to dismiss Global Warming when you are not living on the frontlines like the Inuit people and other fringe societies. It’s just as easy to dismiss evolution if you don’t care to take the time to understand it. It’s part of a greater easiness of seeing things in black and white and slapping on labels of left and right. It’s much easier to push one political agenda against another and whirl around in rabid fits over people who dare to disagree with you. I know how that goes. I done my share of noise making.

      I know how their eyes glaze over whenever someone actually talks about doing something new or experimental because it’s so far FROM the backsliding they do everyday of their lives INTO a comfortable pit of safety. Maybe they just don’t care because to them it’s all been done before, so why bother? But they rather boycott Hollywood than create something they want to see instead. It’s such a disconnect with what America is all about, an America they are all too happy to sing the praises of and yet can’t muster up enough love to see it’s faults and try to work through them. They don’t see that the people holding up the warning signs have never stopped loving America and it’s why they fight for its soul everyday. For those few that have starting hating America, well they are just as misguided and lazy to work on getting things back on track.

      It doesn’t matter who’s running the government. It’s not a question of party. It’s the actions they do. You don’t argue that Clinton did this or that as an excuse because the rational people left in the audience know that we haven’t had a decent President for decades and party affiliation hasn’t prevented them FROM great feats of stupidity, greed, and injustice.

      Anyway, I’m still working out the kinks in my speech writing. I’m not so interested in debating the issues as I am in turning down the agenda-speak that’s been gumming up the works and preventing any real discussion past the endless finger pointing exercises. “What? People in power tend to abuse their position? You don’t say?” It’s time to take a collective deep breath and talk rationally for a change.

    5. Oh that’s ok, John.

      Even I hit levels of ignorance that pushes my hot button. I came across some site that called AP “Anti-semitic shit” for calling someone a “militant” instead of “greasy raghead palestinian terrorist sandnigger bastard” or something.

      As an AP affiliate I apologized for not giving them the news “exactly the way you wanted to hear it, because we all thought Fox news and your kooky warblogger friends were enough”.

      I’m sure if I ever found the site again, my comment was either deleted, or I was called a “troll”. *shrug*

    6. So, besides AP or Reuters… where do these rocket scientists think they’re going to get their International news, anyway?

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