Arrrgghhh! I have fallen off the blog and can’t get up!

Actually they rounded up some work for me to fritter away at this week!
Neat, huh?

Not to mention I wasn’t too eager to rain on Eric’s birthday parade with my senseless, ceaseless whining. (Hey he’s a great guy, but even I’m starting to get tired of my mewling!)

So we’re all still doing the big, fat wait and see routine. Looks like since I’m occupational instead of getting a termination package (what I wanted so I can focus on school and move onto another, better career) I’m going to be forced INTO a worse job, (so nice to be just a number to be pushed around)

It works like this:

If my job is surplussed in it’s current capacity (as an administrative assistant answering not to this location but to headquarters in NJ), due to the union contract, I will then be absorbed INTO the site I’m located at since it is my geographical area. They will grant me bumping rights to another job in the center of the same title, since all the other clerical staff have higher seniority than me they will most likely say, sorry, no jobs in that capacity, but we have a worse job for more pay you can do or you know where the door is. No termination pay. Now bear in mind that I spent 6 years getting out of that nightmarish job they are going to offer me anyway. But that’s how it stands. Not all jobs are equal. Oh, well, I guess at least it’s still a job.
A job that makes you sick to your stomach at the thought of HAVING to get up and go to work, but the pay is good and I would still have benefits.
Life is not always cafe au lait; sometimes it’s just straight black, no sugar.
I suppose at least there’s still coffee in the cup. I suppose at least I’m not standing on the side of the road extending the cup to passing strangers. It could always be worse. Beggars can’t be choosers.
This is what I try to tell myself. Though all around me the company is literally doing back flips to assist and honor most of the management personnel with where they’re hoping to end up. They are not afforded the ability to help me, because I am a union “bargained for” employee. This is almost too much to deal with to the point of making you laugh insanely. I thought I had a few years till I lost my job, so I began getting ready to think and prepare for a new career. Then it looked like a few months and so I prepared myself for that aspect and got ready for that as well, hell, I even became excited about my new life and prospects! And now as it turns out I’m not doing anything but going backwards in my career. *sigh*
I will not let this get me down!
I will not let this get me down!

I’m going to get up everyday, do the best I can at that crappy, miserable job, continue my classes, do battle with psycho ex and move forward, hopefully to a better future one day when I can walk away FROM here.
To add to my frustration I am facing down my scholastic nemesis. I just started college algebra.
Pray for me. No, I’m serious.
I don’t care if you’re a non-believer, just do it anyway. Maybe some positive vibes will rub off and spread through the universe landing on my head.

~ A befuddled & frustrated Witchy~

3 thoughts on “Arrrgghhh! I have fallen off the blog and can’t get up!

  1. Witchy, you sillyhead… did you think my birthday was a month-long jubilee or something? Post anytime you want.

    I’m not sure of all the loopholes, but you can collect unemployment under certain circumstances (I know for a fact if you quit after a cut in pay). Perhaps your union rep can offer advice.

    Taking a job that makes you miserable is about as bad as not HAVING a job at all… in a lot of ways even worse.

  2. algebra? my advice: do your homework every day. if any of us did our homework while in school why… we all could have been Rhodes Scholars. Little did we know then…
    I got an A in statistics and did it because i did my homework daily. It worked for me.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, E. I didn’t know that, I’ll be sure to ask. My worry is algebra is one of those prerequisites you must score high in to even be admitted INTO the 2 year nursing program. In this particular school the lowest they admitted last year was a 3.7 I’m probably doomed. O, well, I guess I could go in the direction of paralegal *sigh* but it’s not my passion.
    Tina – good advice. Diligence is starting to pay off, I’m not quite as lost as I was, however, you know in high school I never studied and go straight A’s. I did well effortlessly in the first year college courses..then I hit the 2nd year courses and started to feel the heat.

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