Back and ready to kick some @$$!!!

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Mötley Crüe’s Flash Video – “Hell On High Heels” is now a cartoon video… made by the geniuses at Camp Chaos

A Girls Own Yearbook – Kim is hysterical! A lot of insights into her life & thoughts.

Sugar & Brine – Erica is the talented young lady who designed WalkingBitch’s White Trash Diner. I meant to give her a plug for a while… I really did. Last time I was there it had this cutesy “Retro” look. This week it has this dark, gothic theme going on, featuring Edward Gorey artwork… either way, she’s too cool.

Dark And Nightshade’s Pandemonium Productions – Pete Milan… any friend of Matt Rossi and The Webmistress is clearly a friend of mine. Matt & Pete team up to write some great stories, Buffy/Xander stories, a great weblog… {when I saw WHUZZUP! there with “You wanna get nuts?? Come on, let’s get nuts!”… I knew right then and there we’re gonna be buds!}… But best of all a pic of this hot looking redheadthat’s a link, so the cursor becomes a pointer and I find myself sticking my finger in her belly button everytime I’m there (I probably shouldn’t have written this.)… does this guy know what we like, or what???

Voices of Unreason – Mark Morgan put together an incredible collective of great stories from various writers…. SUBMISSIONS WANTED!

Steve Case’s Home Page – AOL/Time Warner mogul’s home on the web. Because I felt we all need a good laugh right about now. :0)

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