Back with a vengeance… uhm, eventually?

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know it’s April.
But you should know two things about me by now:

1. I’m a pain-in-the-@$$ perfectionist.
b. I never meet a deadline.

I did get a chuckle reading Y2K Mike after all these years. (KayCee fans should find the ending a little, uhm… familiar?)

I’m shooting for this weekend, okay? I’m migrating a few of my old Enemy of The State/Anarchtica entries INTO Soapbox. I also have been collaborating in a few outside projects…

tn_adeadlysecret.jpgA Deadly Secret.Com – A novel by Matt Birkbeck covering the true story of the freakish life (and murders) of real estate heir Robert Durst. You may remember Mr. Birkbeck’s three day expose on the Pocono Builder’s scandal in 2001: “A Price TOO HIGH”.

… two years later, I still get calls FROM lawyers and elected officials FROM Philly to NYC for that story.

Though Matt has since departed to write another book, he joins the rest of the Pocono Record family on the web…

There’s the incredibly talented graphic artists Greg Back and Brian Burbank, and in the extended family comes blogger Jerome Doolittle of Bad Attitudes fame.

Jerome is the brother of my co-worker, and good friend, Bill Doolittle (Who broke that whole story about CPS taking someone’s kids for no apparent reason, which had us all foaming at the mouth a month or two back?)

Speaking of the Pocono Record, does anyone have a clue who is running a blog that just prints out Pocono Record stories? It’s just strange. No comments. No opinions. No links… I stumbled on it last week. Certainly never asked me permission to reprint articles… but I’m not a tattletale, or nothing. I just find it odd.

11 thoughts on “Back with a vengeance… uhm, eventually?

  1. I saw that blog. Maybe you have a fan?
    Hey did you get my email? I sent it last week about a prop I had for poser if you were interested. Give me a holler if it didn’t reach you. 🙂

  2. Hey! A new post!
    Why didn’t it show up in my blogroll?
    Hey, you’d better give me a heads up when you get listed on Blogshares! I want my chance to buy you up!!!

    and nothing wrong w/ being a perfectionist…nothing at all…(shit thats why 3/4 of my site isn’t done yet *or the excuse I use anyway *G*)

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