Band Camp

Not wanting to leave things on a downer like the last post… I present an honest to goodness conversation between me and my nine year old that took place a half an hour ago…

Background: Sammi, like her siblings, has some kind of musical gene in her…. but rather than follow her sisters and sing in Chorus, she’s decided to join the band. Carole picked up her trombone FROM the music store yesterday (A trombone??? Couldn’t save us money and use my Bass guitar? Obviously the schools are no longer interested in teaching kids how to play “Eruption” or “Stairway to Heaven” anymore anyway.).

She starts “Band Camp” tomorrow. As usual, I have no clue.

Me: So what do you do at band camp?
Sammi: We all go to band camp, and bring our instruments and…
Me: …play Kumbaya by the campfire?
Sammi: NOOOOOO! It’s in the auditorium. We…
Me: Isn’t it dangerous to start a fire in the auditorium?
Sammi: DADDY!!! No. We set up our instruments and [Teacher’s name]…
Me: Sets up the tents? Brings Smores? What if a skunk goes INTO your tent?


Me: Oh man, driving past them is bad enough, but a skunk at close range and INDOORS???…. PHEW!
Sammi: DADDY! LISTEN TO ME! It’s in the auditorium! We set up our instruments and [Teacher’s name] shows us how to take care of them and we learn how to play…
Me: …Kumbaya? It’s only five or six notes. Then she makes Smores?
Sammi: NOOOO! There’s no Smores! I wish…
Me: But you’d get all that marshmallow/chocolate goop in your instruments. Parents will be mad as h…
Sammi: DAAAADDY!!!! LISTEN! She shows us how to play and we go home.
Me: WITH A CAMPFIRE IN THE AUDITORUM??!!? You guys are gonna burn the school down!!!
Sammi: UGGGGH!!!! I’m gonna go talk to Mommy, you’re nuts!

*storms out of the loft and watches Edward Scissorhands with her mother downstairs*

Kids! Yeesh! Do any other parents out there HAVING problems trying to get though to their kids? I never found out what Band Camp is, she wont tell me…. can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN it to me???

I’m concerned now.

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  1. Hey i like you web site but i think you should tell us what u brought to band camp to like have a party LOL well i g2g but i think u should add that to your site tankz bye Cya Lata

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