Bandwidth-Sucking Evil!

Finally…. Zeldman removes his awards pages. He says what I have said for years. (Except Yers Trooly likes to send out letters to these benevolent “award-givers” with lots of colorful words… usually requiring the letter “F”, and explicit instructions to do something “anatomically impossible”).

That’s it… Zeldman did it. Now all of you mindless sheep must follow: DESTROY YOUR AWARDS PAGES! (BAA-A-A-A! BAAAA-A-A-A-A-!)

Word of The day…

Billegible recently did a search on the web for “CyberPal“… of course I’m there.

Memo2Me: Get around to registering “CyberPal” as a trade mark, and sue the shit out of the rest of that list! (Well, uh, except coSmiC diVa, of course!)

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