B.B. King: The thrill ain’t gone!

Labor Day Festival

You didn’t go last night, did you?
Damn, you missed a SHOW and a half!
One more reason you all need to come up to the Poconos and visit me!

Me & Randi
We had a perfect spot on the lawn, where we laid out blankets and listened under the stars to some of the best Blues, Jazz & Rock & Roll artists on the planet.

(Sorry, I know I promised my tens of fans a team up of B.B., Lucille, me & Randi… but I am TROOLY not worthy to be on the same stage as that man. Maybe in, like, 150 years or so, ok? Besides I have “Mr. Mom” detail this week, as I am off on vacation, so Carole, Christina and Ashley can work the shows and hang with all the artists. So I have little ones.).

The Muddy Waters Tribute Band, Elvin Bishop (“I fooled around and fell in love”), Shemekia Copeland, Dr. John... any one of these guys (and gal), would have packed Mountain Laurel Center with Blues aficionados and music lovers, but they were all part of one massive show.

Shemekia Copeland... what a sweetheart!Ashley (The second Adorable BrooksTeen) got to hang out with Shemekia Copeland back stage. What a sweetheart. Ashley almost made her cry when she told her what an amazing vocalist she is. We don’t know who her father, Johnny Copeland, was… but man we sure knew who SHE was. Holy cow, what a set of pipes that girl has!

Then… the man himself… the King of the Blues … MISTER B.B. KING!

Aw…. fuck! He had a big band (horns and all) that was so tight these guys can finish each other’s sentences. Had us all signing with him through “When Love Came To Town”, swaying through “The Thrill is Gone”, and played tunes FROM his new CD, Reflections.bb_reflections.jpg

Concerts are supposed to be an experience, not an ordeal. This show, with B.B. King and four opening acts… hit a new level of “Once-in-a-lifetime Experience”!

78 years young, and the man STILL kicks ass.

No, I’m not rubbing it in. Really.
I’m saving that for tomorrow with the Beach Boys.

2 thoughts on “B.B. King: The thrill ain’t gone!

  1. Wow! What a hoot! I am so jealous… although, I have had the great fortune of seeing BB many times, so I can’t complain too much. Also S. Bishop, as his old girlfriend (Rosie) came FROM my neck of the woods originally. That sounds like it was a great lineup — there really is nothing like a stage full of awesome musicians, non-stop in a full program, especially in a relaxed, outdoor setting. How wonderful!

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