Thoughts of Love and Romance at 5AM

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(Various Twitter posts today. Getting me to wax philosophical on little or no sleep is a dangerous thing… also, you find wisdom and inspiration in the oddest places.)

You got her. Now what?Agreed. Don’t be insecure. RT @IreneBastards: “Dude, you got her. She’s YOURS. So step up, treat her right or she won’t be yours for long.” (#)

Also, listen to what she is trying to say, not what she said. It’s the difference between winning her heart, or winding up in the “friend zone”. Nice Guys always make the mistake of thinking men and women think alike. They don’t. Put down the silly Cosmo mags and be the Man she dreams of. (#)

Behind every Player, is someone who got their heart broken really bad… yet, didn’t learn the lesson life was teaching. (#)

Someone got their heart broken. Gee. That's never happened before. Take what you can out of it and become a better person for the next one.

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  1. *wipes a tear away* thank God there is one man who’d like to finally properly recycle “rubber annie” and experience the feel of flesh other than his own unshaven palm. After so many years of worthless couples therapy and mindless print material, who knew Twitter would finally bring the “change” women can believe in?

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