Beyond Tragic

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Jesus… 🙁

I don’t even know where to begin with the MeanKids/Kathy Sierra/Allan Herrell thing. It was just pointed out on Problem Adults, where I saw a disturbing screenshot of the comments made by Rev ED.

But I do know Alan Herrell… and that ain’t him making those comments as “Rev ED”.

When I first arrived on the web scene in the late 90’s, thinking I was some badass, I was snubbed by most of the Techno-Elite. The Head Lemur (as well as Jeffrey Zeldman) was one of the few who were kind to me. We’ve spoken on the phone many times… and he’s offered nothing but encouragement to me.

One thing about my almost-10-year friendship with the Head Lemur… He doesn’t bullshit you. He tells it like it is and he doesn’t mince words.

And he sure as hell doesn’t hide behind a screenname when he speaks his mind.

The posts on Unclebobism is so clearly a frame job. It’s his pic with words that sound nothing like him.

Doc Searl’s blog sheds a little more light on it. The Head Lemur’s system has been hacked and all of his accounts compromised. So not only is some coward making threats to a poor woman who is afraid to leave her house now, but they’re going through great lengths to cover their tracks and destroy a good man’s hard-earned reputation.

Fucking coward. Hope you’re caught and spend a good long time in jail for this.

LemurDude, if you’re reading this. This will all blow over. Just hang in there, ok?

“And this too shall pass….”

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Published by Eric Brooks

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2 replies on “Beyond Tragic”

  1. I don’t actually know any of the folks involved in this (although I know of Head Lemur through you), but this is sounding to me like a case of a combination of professional jealousy of Kathy and young punks making trouble for a member of the old school of the ‘net.

    Hold your head up Allan, your fine reputation you’ve built will see you through this.

  2. WTF??? I’m so glad I keep to my own little corner of the web. I used to love our good old fashioned flame wars (esp. when we were ganging up against the Insane Clown Posse — ahhhhhh the goodl old day), but it was never anything more than a “fun” exchange of barbs. This really sucks.

    I don’t know Head Lemur, but I know you’ve had an excellent relationship with him for what, 5-6 years now? So I certainly believe you. And also I know about people running around impersonating others on blogs (remember, I had someone do that to me on a close friend’s site) and it ripped apart 3 or 4 of my very close friendships, only one of which has since been repaired. And it was a damn shame — and not nearly as high profile as this situation. I feel for Head Lemur, I really do.

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