Bill Watson’s the man!

It’s not on the online version of the Pocono Record, but today’s paper reveals Kim DeBourbon is resigning as editor.

I wish her well. She was a wonderful person and we saw eye-to-eye on a lot of things that I felt the online version of the paper should have been doing. It was a pleasure to work with her. What confuses me is the article mentioning “Bill Watson and others will be covering until there’s a replacement”.

Are you kidding me? BILL WATSON’S THE MAN! He should be the new editor. He’s sharp. He’s witty. If something was going down in the Poconos, you can bet Bill Watson knew about it. He also has his finger on the pulse of what the people want to read about.

The DirtBack when I worked there, one of the reporters covered her experiences at the West End Fair. It generated a lot of readers interest as Lauren Kurz had a gift of writing and making people feel like they were right there with her and wanting to get to know her better. This gave birth to the concept of a blog featuring their three youngest and hippest reporters (all Bill’s idea).

I remember a meeting we all had as corporate took his concept of “human interest” and interaction that this blog would have and tried to commercialize it. I remember the look of annoyance and frustration on his face as no one listened. 🙁

A feeling I knew all too well working there.

I may find myself being delinked from their list of blogs after this post for my honesty (which was a big problem when I worked there too), but frankly I don’t understand the thought processes that the “suits” at Ottaway have. I really don’t.

So much potential there and so much raw talent going to waste. *sigh*

In Other News:

Pike County attorney seeks judge position in 2007 – Democrat Steven R. Guccini, 55, of Greentown, recently announced he will campaign for the nomination to become a judge in Pike County.

Hmmm. What do I know about Steven Guccini except that as Pike County Solicitor he was responsible for putting my kids in foster care and keeping a case (which ended up unfounded) open for three agonizing years with no attention to facts?

I think we can find it safe to assume that hell will freeze over before he gets my vote, don’t you?

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