Blogger wet T-Shirt contest

Hooray for boobies!.

C’mon boys and girls… a Wet T-Shirt contest, and did you REALLY think that would slip past my hyper-testosterone-powered radar?????

Boobs + Blogs.
Why didn’t anyone else think of this?

I understand it’s for some kind of charity. The problem is, I scroll more that two inches down this page, and I will SURELY be fired here at work. So I guess I’ll get the full story when I get home in a few hours.

Wonder what it would take to get Maria, Deb, Chloe, & Kimberly involved….

C’mon girlz, it’s for charity!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Blogger wet T-Shirt contest

  1. True. But this is done differently, involving *confident* women, being run *by* women…. and being tastefully done for a good reason.

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