Bloggies, bloggers, egos, and a big-ass glass of alka seltzer.

Daily Affirmations:

  • I am sick of awards and egos
  • I am sick of bloggers and their petty insecurities
  • I am sick of bloggers who think ONLY of themselves and then whine about why no one thinks of them

Ahhh… a moment of zen. The delicate balance of the universe has been restored.

A brief history of the Bloggies (and then I’m done with the Bloggies forever. I’ve had it.)

  • 2001 – “A-Listers” dominate the nominations. Described as a “Pyra Love Fest” – Those not nominated scream “Foul”, “Elitism”, and “fix”.
  • 2002 – “Z-Listers” find a way to equalize the nomination process by “Block Voting”. Z-Listers and Surreally sites make it in. Wil Wheaton creams everyone in the votes. Everyone screams “Foul”, “Elitism”, and “fix”.
  • 2003 – Yours Truly Tries to recreate the magic of last year, knowing DAMN WELL there’s cheating all over, successfully helps his friends up on the board, with a fool proof plan to equalize the voting – Those not nominated scream……Well, three fucking guesses what they scream. The first two don’t count.

You can’t please everyone… so what is the answer???
We all have our different circles of friends… we have very under-rated bloggers who deserve a pat on the back for all their hard work.

Dawn Olsen is thinking of a new awards program. Learning FROM the mistakes of the Bloggies, and ensuring that those who deserve it will win it. She needs help and suggestions.

Faith has just completed her first round of the “Undisturbed awards“… of which, I just won this… SMOKING the competition:

2002 - Most likely to be seen on COPSThe Anti-Bloggies – will be back in business March first. As always, I wish to take the opportunity to rub mine in everyone’s face:

My Blorgi still remains my most treasured award, as it was given by a dear friend, FROM the heart.

As is my Haldol Hop Award FROM the Crazy One (which I, uhm, lost while moving around so much… sorry.)

So what is the answer? What kind of awards would YOU like to see?
Here is my official stance on awards and accolades. What’s yours?

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