Blue eyed murder in a size five dress

Somebody settle an argument for me please…?

When people in the circus have had enough, what do they run away and join?

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  1. Since my 13 year old knows everything, I asked her.

    She says this: they do not RUN AWAY, but walk quickly – and go to college – and get a REAL job and hope that no one ever does an expose on them so no one in their new world discovers they were once a Circus Freak.

    Don’t you wish you knew everything like she does?

  2. Gee. Your 13 year old* know-it-all gave it a lot more thought than my 13 year old* know-it-all. Her answer was simply “They run away and join a CARNIVAL”.

    (*For those who don’t Deb’s 13 year old is the same exact age as my 13 year old. Exact as in the same birthday. Oh the drama! No. Really. Lots of drama. Literally.) 🙂

  3. I’m going to be bad and say that they become the type that ends up on America’s Most Wanted. Then again, come to think of it, that could describe Politicians quite well….ours by no means excluded!

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