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Another fascinating revelation (well for me, anyway), I’m currently reading “The Devil’s Notebook” and stumbled across an interesting factoid: Anton LaVey hated television.

He recommended unplugging the damn thing and throwing it out if you’re a Satanist. It’s applications are limitless for the Satanist to control the herd (good thing so many Satanists are in the entertainment biz), TV makes you dumb and has become the new “God”, wrestling even more power and influence away from the Christian Church.

Gee, I’ve been saying that for years. Even in my formidable Fundie years I wrote an essay/sermon called “Television: The Box of Satan” (Yeah the title was corny. Look, I was 14 gimme a break, ok?). Who knew I was so close to the mark, though?

Heh… I hate television. I always did (with the exception of cartoons, of course. The more twisted, the funnier.).

I have noticed a marked difference in the perceptions of people who get their news from TV and those who read papers (print or on the net). Those watching TV News (particularly FoxNews) all have programmed responses to any given issues. Talking points are branded right into their memories subconsciously, they mimic the opinions of pundits, and swear it’s original thought.

People reading books, newspapers and international news on the internet are better informed and have a wide variety of opinions. It’s okay if their views are as conservative as the ditto-monkeys polluting the internet with propaganda… because at least their views are their own and they’re reasoning and using their own words. And, let’s face it… Bush is usually right about something every couple of years or so.

A good example was the recent case of a vegetable who was mercifully released from her non-functioning bodily prison. Three Fox-watching boobs all posted “It’s better to err on the side of life” on a message board, and then high-fived each other for “eerily” thinking the same thing at the same time… meanwhile forgetting that President Bush said it on the news the night before.

Anyone else think they’re suddenly surrounded by “pod people” in this post 9/11 world?

3 thoughts on “Boob-O-Vision

  1. Hell yeah. You certainly find out quickly who your friends aren’t. I quit a Delphi group when after the election a group of former friends all declared that it was time for Christians to “take back control of their Christian nation.” Nothing like zombies who want to take this 229 year old country back in time about 240 years or so.

  2. I realized I was surrounded by the Pod People when I went to the beauty shop the afternoon of the election. They backed me up against the wall, beating their bibles for all they were worth. For a scary moment, I didn’t know if I would make it out of there alive or not. But, that’s when I knew, without even turning on the tv election results, that Bush had stolen another one. The Pod People all got the same memo from churches across the land and Christian Soldiers were activated once again to go on the march, right to the polls, like good little zombies.

    I hope they unplug their tvs and wake up soon, the sooner the better.

  3. oh, hell yeah! I’ve been on and off with TV for the last few years, but find that I’m better off without…besides, it’s way cheaper to live if you don’t have a cable TV bill…internet is way cheaper!

    anyway, you’re so right….the pod people are damn annoying…all the TV news sounds the same to me now, and I’m glad that I didn’t go in for the satellite TV with my new roommies…it’s just not worth it…

    My best friend didn’t get the satellite for his TV either, and I think we’re better off…we acctually talk to entertain ourselves, or watch movies….we have a good relationship this way…:)

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